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Why Every Car Wash Should Use Social Media

  • Why Every Car Wash Should Use Social Media
    January 21, 2013

    Running a business in today’s Internet-and media-saturated society is a Herculean task unto itself. A lot of new entrepreneurs bank on strategies that allow them to get maximum exposure for their companies, thinking that the impressive numbers in social media use statistics mean that they will rake in profits just by simply getting the word out.

    But just like any other business tactic, social media cannot guarantee the success of your brand. While it is arguably one of the cheapest, fastest, and easiest ways to let other people know about what you do, it may not be enough to convince them to actually avail of your goods or services. Using social media alone, without complementing it with other sound business practices, will not boost your sales turnover.

    Tweet Your Ride

    The car wash industry is probably one of the last enterprises to hop into the social media use , but it can definitely benefit from this unique technology. People spend so much time online, engaging in different activities and communicating with others, that it is unwise to tap into what social media can offer for your car wash business.

    There are a number of ways by which you can put social media to good use. Start by creating a profile for your car wash company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media network your target market dabbles in the most. That way, you can reach as many potential customers as possible, through different medias. Don’t forget to include your contact details on the profile page so people can get in touch with you should they ever require your services.

    Once you have set up all your online accounts, follow these simple steps to make your social media your best friend in growing your business:

    Include pictures and videos

    Text-heavy content is not impressive, especially in an industry that capitalizes on results. Post videos of actual detailing jobs being done or compare before-and-after photos. Utilizing different media will spice up your profile and show that you actually deliver on the promises you make about performing top-quality car cleaning services.

    Post Regularly

     The beauty of using social media is that you don’t have to spend a single penny in order to make it work. However, you do have to invest a lot of time crafting your approach. You have to know your customers’ online habits, such as what time of the day they are most likely to be online, in order to maximize your chances to reach them. Encourage feedback from site visitors and customers alike. Reply promptly to comments and suggestions so they know that you are really listening to what they have to say.

    Make Sure That You Have Fresh and Useful Content

     Having a Facebook or Twitter account doesn’t mean that you have to talk about just your business all the time. Include general information about the car wash industry, such as new developments in car manufacturing, reviews of different cleaning products, or tips on do-it-yourself detailing.

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