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How to Wash a Vehicle with Microfiber Cloths

  • How to Wash a Vehicle with Microfiber Cloths
    September 5, 2013

    Microfiber cloths for washing carsWhether you’re dealing with your car’s wheel rims, plush leather upholstery or tinted windshield, you will most likely be reaching for a microfiber cloth to do the job. Microfiber technology has kept pace with the developments in automobile detailing, providing professional and do-it-yourself detailers alike with a reliable and scratch-free cloth that can tackle just about any car cleaning chore.

    Microfiber cloths are best known for their tough yet gentle cleaning action. They come in really handy when you want to take out stains or remove dirt, without scratching or damaging the material beneath. This is a type of synthetic knit fiber made up of very small threads that are soft yet strong. The fibers are small and dense, so they can get into the tiniest crevices to lift dirt particles off of any material.

    Procedures and Expectations using Microfiber Clothes

    The result is a fabric that is resilient, highly absorbent, and washable—a cleaning cloth that can take on just about any kind of dirt and grime you can find on your car without causing the least bit of harm to the surface. It is absolutely lint-free and will not leave behind any swirl marks as you dry your car after a full wash-and-detail cycle at home. Even the professionals use only microfiber cloths for all their car cleaning procedures, mainly because it is the gentlest yet effective cleaning cloth available today.

    When purchasing new microfiber towels, it is recommended that you take off any tags on the product to further minimize the possibility of damage to your car’s paint job. If rubbed too harshly against your car’s chassis or windshield, the tag can cause tiny abrasion marks that can hinder the beauty of your vehicle.

    Make sure that you also store towels based on whether they have been previously used or not. A towel that has seen some heavy-duty cleaning, such as removing caked-on grease and dirt along the engine block, should never be used to clean windows or leather upholstery. Fresh, brand-new towels should also be stored separately so that you always know where to reach for clean towels.

    Car wash with microfiber
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    Differences in Microfiber Clothes

    While you can always use one type of microfiber cloth for all sorts of cleaning chores with your car, you can also buy a different kind of towel for each part of your car. You can get them in various colors, sizes, and cuts. This way you can then have one cloth for every specific cleaning purpose.

    A large 80/20 polymer-polyamide cloth is your best friend for all-around cleaning. However, you can also buy different clothes for wiping down your windows, drying the car’s body after a full wash or buffing your exterior after a healthy application of car wax. A waffle weave microfiber cloth is best for drying your vehicle because it absorbs water quickly and easily without becoming too heavy to wipe. Remember to wring your cloth repeatedly as you work on the vehicle to efficiently get rid of the excess moisture. Small, plush towels about the size of your hand are best for final buffing because they reduce your elbow strain.

    If you don’t have time to do this yourself or don’t feel comfortable enough just yet, call us to schedule an appointment and our mobile detailers will come to you to take care of your vehicle

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