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Car Care Tips for Better Safety on the Road

  • Car Care Tips for Better Safety on the Road
    December 30, 2013

    Keeping your car clean and in tiptop shape is no longer the Herculean task that it used to be. Unlike the high-maintenance vehicles of ages past, today’s road warriors need minimal care and attention. Even so, your four-wheeled friend will benefit greatly from the occasional detailing and cleanup job at home. You don’t need to wait until your next maintenance appointment to do a little cleaning and dusting on your own. After all, there are an endless number of car care tips you can turn to should you find the urge to give your car some tender loving care.

    Purpose-driven detailing

    Automobile detailing isn’t just about ensuring that your car is as clean and shiny as it was on the day it was delivered to you. Auto detailing is also about having a comfortable ride, prolonging the lifetime and productivity of your car, and ensuring road safety. You want to drive a vehicle that will keep you, your passengers, and pedestrians safe from road accidents.

    Whether you drive a fancy two-door coupe or a family van, you should be responsible enough to look after your vehicle and maintain its good working condition. Because you never know when disaster will strike, it’s best to ensure that your vehicle is as ready as it can ever be when it happens. Every car care tip will tell you that your car’s functionality is highly dependent on the amount and extent of regular maintenance that it receives. So, pick up that microfiber wash cloth and car steam cleaner and be prepared to do your part in keeping your vehicle safe on the road.

    Easy car care tips

    As already mentioned, you don’t have to make such a big fuss out of cleaning your vehicle. Certainly you will need to devote time, money, and effort to the task, but the payoff will be huge and lasting. Sometimes all it takes to pull off the job is to know those car parts that are most vital to ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable car ride, such as the brakes, windshield wipers, and headlights. Checking these parts becomes extra important when you plan to go on a long drive.

    We have compiled some of the most important car maintenance advice you need to know when attempting a DIY detailing job.

    • Know what the warning displays mean. Are you familiar with all the buttons and knobs on your instrument panel? You should know exactly what will happen when you press a button or turn a dial, especially under emergency circumstances. Warning displays and warning lights will play a huge part in ensuring that you are safe should you meet an accident on the road.
    • Use the correct shade of window film. There are laws that prescribe the visual light trasmittance (VLT) standard that is allowed for tinted windows, and it is recommended that you stick to these to ensure that you will maintain sufficient visibility even when driving on dark roads.Road tips for car
    • Clean your exterior lights. Yes, your headlights and brake lights need some loving, too. They not only illuminate your path, but they also let other drivers know you’re there and in need of assistance. Make sure that your license plates are clean and easily readable. You might get a ticket just for having malfunctioning lights or a dirty license plate. Car care tips are not just for avoiding road accidents, but also for steering clear of road-related infractions.
    • Fluid levels. Too many road accidents happen because car owners are not vigilant about keeping their car fluids in sufficient levels. Your brake fluid, coolant, antifreeze, and engine oil need to be checked and replaced every once in a while for maximum efficiency. Check the pipes as well to identify and correct leaks and spills within the engine system.
    • Tire pressure. Having the correct level of tire pressure will ensure that your steering wheel and brakes will respond promptly. Bad tire performance can be caused by anything from improper alignment to uneven wear on the front and rear tires to shallow treading. Check the pressure at least once a week to ensure that your car can carry they many loads that you put on it on a regular basis. To ease the load, you might to want to clean out the trunk and get rid of unnecessary junk that have been stored there for months.

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