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Laser Car Wash – Pros and Cons of Touch Free Car Wash

  • Laser Car Wash – Pros and Cons of Touch Free Car Wash
    January 2, 2014

    Cleaning your car is a lot like contact sports, unless you opt for the up-and-coming new technologies in automobile detailing, such as the laser car wash. You can do away with getting down and dirty as you reach into the far corners and tight spaces all over your vehicle. No need to sweat and spend a lot of effort rubbing away those bald patches on your clear coat until you attain a canvas smooth enough to put a new layer of clear coat on.

    And just like contact sports, cleaning your car means touching and wiping and rubbing and polishing your car by hand. Only then will all your worries be no more, when you choose to use laser car wash. Or will they?

    Laser cleaning for your car

    Touch-less car washing has been around for some time now, but it’s only recently that car owners have been adopting this form of car care. A laser car wash is exactly what the name implies—it uses laser-guided technology to lift away dirt, grime, dust, muck, and mud to revamp your car’s appearance to what it once was.

    If you have ever played laser tag, you know how incredibly strong a single laser beam can be. Now imagine dozens of this being used to manipulate the machines that work on specific spots on your car to get rid of the dirt. You will never have to worry about abrasive washcloths, harsh cleansing agents, or improper technique ever again.

    Advantages of laser car wash

    So what’s the big deal about laser car wash? What sets it apart from the other available car cleaning methods today?

    Touchless car washing lives up to its name because no part of your car will be “touched” as it goes through the cleaning process. All you have to do is to drive into the facility and let the machines do their work. Plus, you can still expect to get the same beautiful results you’re used to getting from your conventional detailing jobs. So with laser car wash, your vehicle will get clean without risk of damage or scratch.

    This type of car wash is also relatively cheap, as it doesn’t use highly specialized cleaning products to get the job done. For ten bucks a pop, you can have touchless car washing regularly. For a little extra, you can even have the undercarriage and wheels detailed so you get the full-service results at less than what you would normally pay for the same services for a presidential detailing package.

    The wash process can be broken down into three main parts: first, your car is soaped twice to ensure that the entire vehicle is freed from dirt all over. Next, it goes through the wash bay, where it is treated to a high-pressure spot-free rinse. Finally, triple-foaming polish is applied to leave you with a car that’s neat as a pin and sparkly as a diamond. The entire process takes less than thirty minutes, depending on how sophisticated this system is.

    All equipment used for the car wash are kept clear of your vehicle’s vulnerable parts, so you will never experience a broken antenna or smashed side view mirror after a wash ever again. And because no brush ever touches your car’s surface, you can say goodbye to ugly swirl marks and uneven brush spots. You can drive out of the car wash facility and right into your wedding if you want because your car will look just as if it was specially prepped for an important occasion.

    Downside to touch less car wash

    Generally speaking, a touchless car wash can give you satisfactory cleaning results. However, if you are the sort of car owner who looks through every nook and cranny of his vehicle to verify whether every square inch has in fact been cleaned, laser car wash might not be for you. Of course, using less car cleaning materials and products might result to less thoroughness.

    However, because the machines are ultra-advanced and the cleaning products easy to apply and rinse off, the efficiency of this car wash is unbeatable. If you are in a hurry or are simply looking for a quick, satisfactory clean, then this might do the trick.

    Here’s a video that compares automatic car washes with their touchless or laser counterparts:

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