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Presidential Detailing – What a Full Car Detailing Should Include

  • Presidential Detailing – What a Full Car Detailing Should Include
    January 23, 2014

    Perhaps you have already tried every basic detailing package offered by every detailing shop within a five-mile radius of your residence, and yet you have never found one that quite meets your checklist of expectations. At this point, the only thing left for you to do is to try a different strategy the next time you schedule an appointment with a professional detailing technician. Instead of asking for the basic package, considering getting a full car detailing service and see if it makes any difference to you.

    Sometimes being satisfied with a detailing service is not so much a matter of cost, but of thoroughness. Of course, your basic low-cost package packs in enough services for the price, but your detailing technician is also constrained to use low-cost cleaning products to perform the job. Upgrading to a full car detailing package will give you the opportunity to explore other detailing options. It might also introduce to you other cleaning products and methods that can give you the results you have been looking for. After all, top products are designed to give exceptional results that middle-of-the-pack products cannot.

    So, what should you expect when you order a full car detailing package?

    All-inclusive Presidential Package – Full Car Detailing

    As the name suggests, a presidential package is not your typical detailing job. It focuses on the smallest components that may be overlooked on a regular detailing appointment, such as exterior trim care and underbody maintenance. These things are not included in your basic package because they require extra time and effort to perform, plus they can only be done with specialty cleaning products that are in turn more expensive than your regular car wash and wax combo.

    If you’re going in for a full detailing package, ask your detailing technician if the following services are included:

      1. Chassis and wheels: Specialty wheel cleaners, tire dressing, plus tire black will restore the former glory of your wheels. Proper tire care will stop your tires from cracking or bursting while on the road. The undercarriage and chassis should likewise be cleaned thoroughly along with the rest of the exterior so as to eliminate all dirt, grease, grime, and dust that have accumulated in these areas. Since they are mostly made of metal, it is also good if your detailing technician will address any oxidation that has already taken place, preventing further damage to your vehicle.
      2. Lights and exterior molding: Your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and trim work require different types of cleaning products to ensure that they stay bright and shiny. Whether your trim is made of chrome, vinyl or plastic, your detailing technician should have the right cleaning product to safely and effectively take out the dirt.
      3. Interior detailing: Sometimes vacuuming and shampooing the car carpets and seats won’t cut it for you, so you might want to ask your detailing technician if he can achieve a better result with full car detailing service. If your seats are made of leather, you want them to be conditioned and waxed to perfection to discourage fading and cracking. The air vents, door wells, and instrument panel should also be freed from dirt and dust.

    All these and more should be part of what you pay for in a full car detailing package. Know more about our presidential package offer or schedule an appointment with us to feel the difference.

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