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Cleaning Your Car Engine – 5 Things Not to Forget

  • Cleaning Your Car Engine – 5 Things Not to Forget
    February 27, 2014

    You do not necessarily have to own a Ferrari to keep an engine shining. Just because the engine of your car is hidden underneath swaths of metal does not in any way mean that you should ignore the importance of cleaning it. Cleaning the engine  of a car regularly does not only make it look pleasing, but it also increases its mechanical value and life as well. However, cleaning your engine is quite different from cleaning the rest of your car.

    5 essentials to keep in mind when cleaning your car engine:

    1. The Right Tools: Cleaning your car engine requires a few tools to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Essential items which you need to have before starting the cleaning process include:

        • Plastic bags and Aluminum foil

        • A sponge to clean the engine without damaging any parts

        • Towels

        • Applicator Pad

        • Q-Tips

        • Baking Soda

        • Bucket of Water

        • Electrical Tape

      Moreover, it is also important to protect water sensitive areas of the engine such as the alternator, battery, and air filter. These areas should be covered with both plastic and electrical tape so the water does not penetrate into them. In addition, always remember to wear protective clothing to keep your hands and eyes safe from grease.

    2. Check the Temperature: Checking the temperature of your car engine before proceeding with the cleaning process is essential. Always remember to check the temperature around the engine. If the engine is warm, let it cool down. Cleaning your car engine while it is warm can damage vital components.
    3. Choose The Right Place: When you decide to clean your car engine, you need to take your car to a place where there is enough room to work under it. In addition, try to find a location where the right kinds of tools are easily available and where the waste can be disposed of with ease.
    4. Choose The Right Time: Unfortunately, not always can you clean your car engine with complete relief. Weather and climate conditions can often bring about several constraints. If the weather is too hot or too cold, it is best to leave the cleaning for another day.
    5. Get a Hold of Expertise:  While DIY guides come in quite handy when it comes to cleaning the engine of your car, there is still no doubt that cleaning an engine requires a little bit of skill. Therefore, if you are hesitant about undertaking the cleaning job yourself or fail to comprehend basic cleaning guides, simply take your car to a detailing shop to get the job done.

    Before embarking on the journey of cleaning your car engine, it is wise to analyze all the methods of cleaning which can be employed. While conventional cleaning methods bring about good results, steam cleaning your car engine has various advantages as well. Although many people hold a misconception that engine steam cleaning  can reduce the value of a car engine, the truth is that it actually reduces the probability of the vehicle catching fire, increases the life of the engine, and enhances the appearance of the engine as well.

    Thus, all the pros and cons of the right cleaning methods should be well evaluated before deciding to clean the engine of a car. For example, although cleaning your car engine with steam is highly beneficial, it does require some expertise. Hence, make sure you consult experts or schedule an appointment with the experts who possess the correct knowledge and expertise in engine steam cleaning.

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