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7 Essential Auto Detailing Supplies for DIY Basic Car Cleaning

  • 7 Essential Auto Detailing Supplies for DIY Basic Car Cleaning
    April 28, 2014

    Things to know about basic car cleaningAuto detailing supplies are essential for the car aficionado who loves to detail his vehicle on his own. But with so many of these products out in the market today, which are the ones that an earnest car owner like you just cannot do without?

    Which Auto Detailing Supplies Do You Really Need?

    You see them advertised everywhere. Different brands of car soaps, shampoos, polishers, degreasers and other auto detailing supplies grace billboards, posters, print ads and websites. But the question is, which of these products do you actually need for your DIY detailing job?

    Here’s a list of the seven most essential auto detailing supplies for a budding DIY detailer like you:

    1. Eco car shampoo and conditioner. Say no to dishwashing liquids and harsh detergents. When it comes to cleaning your car without damaging its paint or harming the soil and ground water, these auto detailing supplies are the best. Not to mention that they keep your car smelling fresh and clean too.

    2. Microfiber wash cloths.These microfiber cloths can absorb up to seven times more water than ordinary materials. When wet, you can use these to shampoo and rinse your car. Squeeze out the water and you will have a good drying cloth for your vehicle. Rest assured that these cloths are specifically designed not to scratch or damage your car’s exterior paint.

    3. Hose with high pressure nozzle. Since you have dedicated yourself to detailing your car, why not clean the tires and underchassis as well? This is where a hose with a high pressure nozzle comes in handy. It can remove caked mud, dirt and grime with the least amount of effort.

    4. Electric Buffer. Properly used, an electric car buffer can give your car’s exterior paint a smooth and sleek appearance. For beginners, a smooth buffer head with some wax is recommended so as to prevent any damage to the car’s paint.

    5. WD-40. What is WD-40 doing on this list of auto detailing supplies? Well, this lubricant is not only good for keeping your car’s metal trims shiny. Car detailers know that it can hide scratches from car surfaces, remove rust from nuts and bolts and clean the dashboard as well.

    6. Glass cleaner. A DIY detailer should always have a glass cleaner. It keeps your windshield, mirrors and glass smooth and shiny. But in case you do run out of it, try using newspapers.

    7. Wax. It’s true that modern cars now come with a clear coat to protect the paint underneath and to give cars a shiny appearance. So why do you have to use a car wax? It’s because it further protects your car’s exterior from temperature changes, passage of time and environmental factors like bird droppings, flower pollens and the like. Plus, it can give your car that showroom shiny appearance that your family and friends will definitely admire.

    It might take some time and money to put all of these things together, plus, you’ll need to acquire some knowledge on how to use them properly to avoid damaging the beauty of your car. For the meantime, why don’t you schedule an appointment with detail experts who possess the skills and expertise in using these auto detailing supplies? You can watch how they do it, ask them for tips and tricks and in time, you can do your own car detailing at home.

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