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How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost?

  • How Much Does Truck Detailing Cost?
    April 6, 2015

    When you consider taking your truck to a professional detailer, the first question that pops into your mind is, “How much does truck detailing cost?” In short, the cost depends on your specific needs as a truck owner. There is a list of criteria that determines your detailing bill. Some of these criteria are non-negotiable. But, others will factor into the final cost based on your unique truck detailing needs. Below are the top 6 truck detailing cost determiners.

    Truck Detailing Cost: Factors that Dictate It

    The Non-negotiables

    1. Size

    The size of your truck is at the top of this list. If you own a light truck model such as a pickup, your truck detailing cost will be much lower than if you own a box trailer truck, for instance. It is worth noting that some detailing services charge for each square foot they clean, while others charge a single price for each model. Also, many services give you the option of detailing either the cab or the trailer.

    A detailing service will charge you approximately $130 for a full exterior detailing of your semi-truck. On the other hand, complete detailing (both interior and exterior) will cost no less than $250. A standard pickup truck detailing will cost you between $100 – $150. You can get a box trailer truck detailed for approximately $300 or more. If you are getting a whole fleet detailed, the price per truck will change considerably.

    2. The Current Condition of Your Truck

    If you have not taken your truck to a wash in a few weeks or even months, it will have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime that has toughened over time. Thus, the detailer will have to put in extra work to getting it all out and giving the truck a superior clean. This hard work, of course, comes with a price. The moment you take the truck into a detailing shop, they will inspect it and let you know whether extra work is needed.

    3. The Quality of the Detailing Products

    A professional detailer who is committed to giving you the best results for the price you pay will use high quality detailing products. Of course, these will carry an extra cost, but your truck will get a superior clean. A cheap truck wash on the other hand will probably use low quality products that will give “OK” results or just detergents and water. Don’t forget to ask your detailer about the products they use before you hand over your truck.

    The Negotiables

    1. The Detailing Method

    Most truck detailing services will use water and a pressure washer to clean your truck. But, you also have the option of going to a service that uses steam cleaning. Steam gives far superior cleaning results than water, but it is also an innovative method that is more expensive. If you want to experience this superior detailing whilst conserving water and protecting the environment, then steam cleaning is the way to go.

    2. Mobile Detailing

    Mobile detailing is a hassle-free, convenient way to have your truck detailed at your own place. Most truck detailing services offer on-site truck detailing, especially if there is a truck fleet to be taken care of. Depending on the magnitude of the job, the detailer will send over a crew of two or more employees who will even bring their own water. They will also bring their water reclamation and re-use system to your home. Moreover, this is in accordance with the environmental laws of your state. All these will factor into your final truck detailing cost, hence, mobile detailing is more expensive than getting your truck detailed at a fixed site.

    3. Detailing Extras

    Whether your truck needs a full interior detailing job, or the paint needs waxing or the tires need dressing, detailing services are equipped with the tools and products to meet these demands. There are many benefits to treating your truck to these specialty services. For instance, a good wax will protect the truck paint. A full interior detailing package that comes with vacuuming and shampooing of carpets and upholstery, air sanitation, mold removal, and stain removal is ideal to restore the cabin to its original state. Truck detailing including tire dressing will significantly expand the durability of the tires. They are definitely worth the extra cost.

    Truck detailing at a professional detailing service, with the add-ons, will cost you upwards of $150. If you are interested in having a fleet of trucks detailed, you can arrange a contract with the detailer at a special rate. Ultimately, it is important to remember not to settle for unbelievably low or high prices. For a quality truck detailing job at a reasonable rate, call us at 877-317-9737.

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