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Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

  • Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service
    May 14, 2015

    Getting your truck cleaned and detailed has never been easier with the advent of mobile truck wash services. They are equipped to handle every type and size of truck at any location and time picked by you. While mobile truck washing is a stand-out service, there are also some disadvantages to using  it. Hence, before you decide on using this service, let’s weigh its pros and cons.

    Pros of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

    1. Hassle-free and convenient –  Flexibility is the greatest strength of the mobile truck wash industry. You can schedule an appointment anytime you want, provided that your detailer works 24/7. Watch the  detailer work his magic on your truck and even pick up some useful cleaning tips. Also, you can save yourself from two trips to the truck wash and save gas.  If you own a truck fleet, then you can have the whole fleet cleaned at one go at the hands of a mobile truck fleet cleaning service.

    2. No exorbitant water bills – Most mobile truck wash services bring their own water to clean your truck or trucks so your water bill is safe. Also, they will know the tips and tricks to use only the minimum amount of water necessary, while the chances of water wastage is greater if you decide to clean your truck by yourself.

    3. Protect the environment – By law, all mobile truck washes should be equipped with a way to reclaim and re-use water, so there will be no waste water running down the drains. Again, this is not the case if you wash your truck, which will have a harmful impact on the environment and you can even be fined for water wastage and not following proper waste water disposal methods. It is even better if you can go for an eco-friendly mobile truck wash that uses steam, because they will use only 1/10th of the amount of water required by the conventional truck wash method and there will no waste water at all.

    Cons of Using a Mobile Truck Wash Service

    1. It can be quite expensiveThe advantages of using a mobile truck wash service comes with a price tag – a price that can be quite high. Your detailer will charge you for their gas bill, the extra money he/she has to pay the employees, the water reclamation system used, water and other supplies they bring, etc. But if you can get a great service with the least possible hassle, then it is money well spent.

    2. Weather conditions might hinder your plans – Changing weather conditions can be of disadvantage if you plan to use a mobile truck wash service because it will be outdoor detailing. In contrast, a stationary truck wash  the weather has no say.

    3. The detailer can forget products and equipment – There is a chance that your truck detailer might forget to bring an important cleaning product or equipment, which will result in an incomplete job. They will of course offer to return to finish it as soon as possible, but this is an added hassle when you want to get the job done in one day.

    Now that we have narrowed down the pros and cons of using a mobile truck wash, it is time for you to make a decision. Do the pros outweigh the cons? If they do, then the next step is to look for a mobile truck wash service. If you wish to have your truck washed in an eco-friendly manner, then DetailXPerts might just be the right service for you. Contact us to get more information about our mobile truck detailing service.

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