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Steam Cleaning the Truck Engine: Pros and Cons

  • Steam Cleaning the Truck Engine: Pros and Cons
    May 28, 2015

    When it comes to truck cleaning and detailing, the engine tends to be the most neglected component. However, to keep your truck functioning at its best, an oil and grime-free engine work more efficiently. Steam cleaning the truck engine has both pros and cons, and for certain engine types, steam cleaning is not an option. Therefore, before deciding on whether to use this method or not, let’s weigh the pros and cons.


    Pros of Steam Cleaning the Truck Engine

    1. Identify Defects – Fluid leaks can often go unnoticed if the engine is covered in oil and grime. Steam cleaning the truck engine is an effective way of cleaning the area to check on the equipment.


    2. Engine Fires – Imagine an engine that overheats. This causes oil to leak and drip on hot sections of the machine, which can result in a fire. Maintaining a clean engine will ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat.


    3. Resale Value – When a potential buyer is inspecting your truck, he/she will be happy to see a clean, crud-free engine. This lets them know that you care for your vehicle and this lengthens the life. Therefore, a clean engine means you have nothing to hide.


    4. Extend the Life – If steam cleaning the truck engine becomes a regular routine, this guarantees your vehicle runs smoothly.  Additionally, it can also reduce the need for expensive engine repair costs in the long run.


    5. Eco-friendly – Steam cleaning uses a small amount of water to thoroughly sanitize the engine. In addition, harsh chemicals and solutions can be avoided due to the nature of the steam. The hot temperature performs the job without the use of chemicals.


    Cons of Steam Cleaning the Truck Engine

    1. Damage – In some cases, it can damage the electronic components, the ignition, and the air-intake systems. Many modern truck engines have delicate electronic components in the engine that will easily damage when exposed to high-pressure steam. Therefore, ensure you seal these parts before attempting to clean the truck engine. A professional detailer knows the proper equipment to protect and cover to avoid any damage.


    2. Toxic Waste – When steam cleaning the truck engine, sometimes a small puddle of dirt and grime accumulates beneath the vehicle. Due to several environmental laws, cleaning this up is important. However, you also have the option to visit a business to perform the task instead. Businesses have methods in place to properly dispose of waste runoff.


    3. Cost of Service – The biggest downfall for steam cleaning the truck engine – cost. This costs more than a regular wash, but thoroughly cleans the machine and lasts longer.


    Overall, steam cleaning the truck engine pros outweigh the cons. If the process is done properly, this can help extend the life of your vehicle and save you money over time. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company specializes in steam cleaning technology. Their highly-trained technicians perform these services regularly, meaning they have the knowledge to properly clean your engine.

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