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5 Absolute Do’s of Tire Detailing

  • 5 Absolute Do’s of Tire Detailing
    July 2, 2015

    Tire detailing is an important part of vehicle detailing. In addition to giving you glossy and rejuvenated tires and wheels, detailing will also protect them, especially from the harmful effects of brake dust.


    Letting brake dust accumulate for a long period will corrode the tires, brown them and lead to premature cracking and hardening of the rubber. To prevent these outcomes, regular and proper tire detailing is a must. Learn five important detailing tips below which will help you to do a great job.

    What are the absolute dos of tire detailing?

    1. Tire detailing must be the first step of your vehicle cleaning process

    Wash the tires before you clean the vehicle body. This is to prevent the body from being recontaminated and to prevent the formation of water spots. Tires should be detailed one set at a time. If you spray tire cleaner on all tires at the same time, the product will dry up. Clean one tire and wash it off with a jet of water before moving on to the next one.

    2. Use cleaning products that are specifically made for wheels and tires

    Always choose cleaning products/degreasers that are made for tires and wheels. There are many all-purpose cleaning products in the market, which contain chemicals that are too harsh for auto detailing, so stay away from them and invest in some quality tire cleaning products. Wheel rims are made of different materials such as steel and aluminum alloy. Read the instructions on the cleaner to learn the surfaces on which it is safe to be used.

    3. Choose different types of brushes

    Wheels are very scratch-sensitive, so choose a brush with soft bristles. Tires, on the other hand, need a brush with rougher bristles. Never use the rough bristles of the tire brush on the wheels. Professional tire brushes are fashioned to reach the side walls of the tires, to ensure proper cleaning. A generic brush will only do a poor cleaning job, wasting both your time and money.

    4. Dry the wheels and tires properly

    Use a detailing towel such as a terry cloth or a microfiber towel to properly dry the wheels and tires after you have thoroughly cleaned and rinsed them. This will prevent the formation of water spots on the wheels and prepare the wheels and tires for the application of wheel protectant and tire dressing.

    5. Apply wheel protectant and tire dressing

    Wheel protectant and tire dressing will take your tire detailing process a step further, and enhance the appearance of the tires and wheels and provide them with additional protection. Waxing the wheels with protectant or a sealant will give them an extra shine and protect the wheel from the harmful effects of brake dust. Tire dressing will also add a shine to your tires and prevent the rubber from hardening, cracking and fading. It is important to let tire dressing dry completely before you drive your vehicle, to prevent slinging and the accumulation of dirt and dust.

    These are five absolute dos of tire detailing, not only to enhance their appearance, but also to provide them with protection. The proper functioning of the tires is paramount to the vehicle, hence their maintenance should not be ignored.

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