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On-Site vs. Mobile Truck Fleet Detailing: Which Is Better?

  • On-Site vs. Mobile Truck Fleet Detailing: Which Is Better?
    July 20, 2015

    If you own a truck fleet, its maintenance and upkeep is your primary concern. You may have selected a detailing service that will best cater to your needs, but the question remains:  should you take your fleet for detailing, or have the detailing team come to you?

    In an effort to help you out, we have listed the pros and cons of the two methods.

    On-Site Truck Fleet Detailing


    • Cost – on-site truck fleet detailing is considerably less expensive than mobile detailing. All you have to do is take your fleet to the site and return to collect it once the job is complete. You won’t have to pay for travel costs, gas money, food expenses, etc. which come with mobile detailing.
    • No hindrance by weather conditions – On-site detailing, as opposed to mobile detailing, will be done in an enclosed space, thus the changing weather won’t affect your plans.


    • The hassle – Taking your whole fleet to another site and returning it back can be a grueling task, especially if the fleet is quite large.
    • Extra fuel bills – Taking your fleet to a different site and collecting it can augment your fuel expenses.

    Mobile Truck Fleet Detailing


    • Convenience – If you own a large fleet, then scheduling an appointment with a reputable mobile truck fleet detailing is the best option for you.
    • The availability of a water reclamation system – All mobile detailing services are required by law to bring a water reclamation system to the detailing site. Thus, you won’t be violating any environment law. Plus, you get to play an important role in conserving water and protecting the environment.
    • Watch the team in action – This is an opportunity which on-site detailing won’t allow you. You can watch the detailing process and request additional services, if necessary. Also, if you’re still in the process of getting to know your detailers, this is your chance to keep an eye on everything to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.


    • It can be expensive – The convenience of mobile detailing comes with an expensive bill. The final bill will take into account the cost of gas, water, the reclamation system, extra pay for the employees, etc.
    • Additional water bills – While most mobile truck fleet detailers will bring their own water, there is a chance that you will be asked to provide your own. This is an additional expense, which on-site truck fleet detailing won’t incur.
    • Other drawbacks – Bad weather conditions will hinder the work of the detailers. This can lead to their inability to finish the job in a timely manner, or not at all. Truck detailers might forget a detailing product or equipment, resulting in their inability to complete the job.

    Both options have their distinct pros and cons. Consider which service will provide you with more benefits. It is up to you to decide whether on-site or mobile detailing is the more convenient option for you.

    Have you tried on-site or mobile truck fleet detailing? What was your experience like? Please share it in the comments box below so others can benefit from your experience too.

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