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Steam Cleaning the Interior of a Car: The Best Way to Get Rid of E. coli and Staphylococcus Bacteria

  • Steam Cleaning the Interior of a Car: The Best Way to Get Rid of E. coli and Staphylococcus Bacteria
    August 3, 2015

    To some people, steam cleaning the interior of a car is too time and effort consuming. It even becomes an added expense if the car needs to go to professional detailers. But if you knew that two of the most harmful bacteria are currently thriving in your car’s interior, would you have second thoughts about cleaning it?

    The Dangers That Lurk in Your Car’s Interior

    E.coli and Staphylococcus bacteria, two of the most common yet dangerous microorganisms, thrive in handbrakes, dashboards, seats, carpets and upholstery of dirty cars. The primary culprit is spilled food and pet feces that have been left for some time.

    And there’s reason to be alarmed. E.coli may seem safe since they occur naturally in human intestines, but there are other strains, such as O157:H7, which may pose potential health hazards and even death. Staphylococcus, on the other hand, is a notorious bacteria that can be very difficult to treat once it enters the human body. Some strains can even resist antibiotics, like the much-feared MRSA virus.

    Still unconvinced that your car may be a festering ground for these bacteria? Here’s a video from Broadcast exchange:

    E.coli and staphylococcus come primarily from rotten food and pet feces. How do they get into cars? Some people forget or fail to notice food remnants or little “accidents” that their pets make on their car’s carpet. Even if they do notice, they do shortcuts when cleaning the interior of a car. They only pick up the visible remnants of food (pie crusts, meat bits, etc.), sweep or wipe them off with a tissue. The truth is, these actions only cause crumbs and spilled sauces deeper into a vehicle’s carpet and upholstery; which may later on become the breeding grounds of harmful organisms.

    What’s more alarming is that these bacteria can spread easily. They can affect another person by touching the skin or objects that an infected individual has touched. Considering the small space of a car’s interior, there’s every chance that all passengers can acquire these harmful organisms. It is not a question of how often should you clean your car. It’s a matter of thoroughness, not frequency.

    Steam Cleaning the Interior of a Car: Your Best Defense?

    Does steam really do a better job when cleaning a car interior? Experts say yes and we couldn’t agree more. Steam has enough power to kill harmful bacteria and reach the most inaccessible areas of a vehicle. It carefully lifts up dirt and grime from surfaces, thus eliminating the need for harsh disinfectants which cannot get rid of these bacteria effectively аnd may even  leave toxic vapors. It cleans and sanitizes all surfaces, carpets and upholstery, thus making a vehicle’s interior safer and cleaner longer. And since steam dries fast and thoroughly, you won’t have to worry about damp upholstery and carpets that may harbor other types of microorganisms.


    Steam cleaning the interior of a car may be effort and time consuming. However, considering the safety and protection it can provide, then it more than makes up for lost time and effort. A word of caution, though. No matter how popular steam cleaners are nowadays, bear in mind that these devices require knowledge and expertise. Improper use or carelessness may damage surfaces or worse, burn your skin.

    For safe and effective steam cleaning of your car’s interior, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts.

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