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Black Friday: It’s the Beginning of the Shopping Season

  • Black Friday: It’s the Beginning of the Shopping Season
    November 26, 2015

    Since its inception, Black Friday has always been marked on the calendar as the official start of the holiday shopping season.  The Friday after Thanksgiving, which will be on Friday,  27th November 2015.

    The term was originally used in Philadelphia to describe the heavy traffic and harried pedestrians after they celebrated Thanksgiving.  Another explanation came out that Black Friday was the turning point of the retailer’s financial status from red to black.  Red meant financial loss from January to November then several days before Thanksgiving, would turn to black due to financial profit as Black Friday signals the start of holiday shopping.   It’s normally a long weekend starting from Thanksgiving all the way to what is called Cyber Monday.

    Wide selections of discounted and slashed off prices on gadgets, technology items, electronics, home appliances, laptops, clothes, accessories and almost all items.  There are stores that publish their deals weeks before the sale date and sends out emails about their advertisements. Then there are stores that have their in-store bargains which will be announced same day and will not be available online.

    Here are suggestions on how to maximize your Black Friday shopping:

    • List down what you need to buy – Expect that people who will shop on this day will be hurrying to get the best deals so if you do not have a list handy, you might end up tired yet empty-handed. Buy things that you need because other stores have a high restocking fees especially for pricey items.
    • Choose to prioritize big ticket items – Prefer to purchase the more expensive gadget on sale which will give save you hundreds of dollars over a watch that can only save you$50.
    • Form and assign groups to organize your shopping time – Have a specific group go to a store to buy same items for everyone in the group so you can maximize the visits per store.  The only exception with which this idea will not applicable will be for the door buster items where only one purchase per person is allowed.
    • Ask for price-matching from the store – Some stores have price matching policy so you can simply approach the store supervisor and ask for this information. You can verify as well if the item is still available.
    • Scout for an ideal parking place – You have to allot time in searching for the best place to park your car. Choose a location away from the sale area to avoid crowds of people coming in and out of the stores.
    Black Friday Img. src: freedigitalphotos.net

    There’s an extensive list of bargain deals to choose from including discounts to car cleaning services that you can take advantage this  season.   As early as now, plan out your store trips and purchases by driving a sleek, sanitized and freshly steamed car interior.  Gear up your automobile and get the eco car spa that your vehicle deserves.

    Offered for the entire month of November, in time for Thanksgiving,  is a $20.00 slashed off discount from the gift certificates you can give to your love ones.  This is made possible by the leading eco-friendly auto detailing company, DetailXPerts.  It is the time to be thankful and share the good news so they too can join the bandwagon of car owners like you who drive squeaky clean cars.

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