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7 Products You Didn’t Know Are Used for Premium Car Care

  • 7 Products You Didn’t Know Are Used for Premium Car Care
    September 26, 2016

    Premium car care, to many, is synonymous to expensive auto detailing. To them, it means buying the best auto detailing supplies and using the latest equipment. But did you know that you can use several products out there that are not necessarily instantly related to car detailing but can do the job as well?

    Premium Car Care: 7 Unlikely Products

    When it comes to premium car care, most people think that they have to spend a lot of money for the right products. Quality comes with a hefty price tag, after all. However, there are still several products, homemade and store-brought, that you can use to give your ride that cleanliness it deserves. Here are seven products that can also be used for cleaning your vehicle:

    1. WD 40

    WD 40 is perhaps the most popular among multi-purpose products. It can be used for almost anything – rust removal, lubrication, grease and grime removal, and yes, even for interior and exterior premium car care. It’s ideal for removing tar, tree sap, mud and gum stuck between the grooves of tires; and removing some stains from carpets and upholstery.

    2. Baby Wipes

    Need instant window cleaning? Baby wipes can do the job for you. Yes, that handy piece of wet material that’s used for babies all over the world is great for cleaning windows, windshields and mirrors too. It’s because baby wipes contain ingredients that attract and absorb dust, dirt and oils. You can also use them for removing deep-seated dirt from cup holders, dashboards and seams of car seats.

    3. Baking Soda

    One of the most unlikely eco friendly car cleaning products is baking soda. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from removing car seat stains to eliminating odors in your vehicle. Its cheap, accessible and safe to use too. The DetaiXPerts blog has a few articles about its use.

    4. Kerosene

    Tree sap, glue and honey dew, because of their sticky nature, can be difficult to remove from a vehicle’s surface by washing alone. Dampen a rug with kerosene and apply it on the affected area. Take extra care so that you won’t accidentally spread it onto surrounding areas to avoid further damage to the paint.

    5. All Purpose Cleaner

    There are many types of all purpose cleaners. For premium car care, it is important to use organic cleaners. They’re safe to use on dashboards, cup holders, steering wheel, and all those small areas in your vehicle. They’re ideal for cleaning car seats too.

    6. Vinegar

    “What can’t vinegar do?” A lot of people attest to the cleaning and disinfecting qualities of vinegar. For premium car care, however, it’ll be best to dilute it with three parts water to avoid damage. Remember that vinegar is an acid. Using it straight from the bottle is definitely not recommended.

    7. Baby Shampoo

    Its mild and delicate characteristics make baby shampoo best for babies and occasionally, for vehicles too. Just dilute some in a pail of water, apply the mixture to your vehicle then rinse thoroughly.

    These are just seven products that can also double as car detailing supplies. You can use one or all, depending on your needs and desires.

    But for the ultimate in premium car care, why not schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts? Our expert technicians have everything it takes to give your ride the treatment it deserves.

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