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When Automatic Car Cleaning Is Preferable

  • When Automatic Car Wash Is Preferable
    March 22, 2017

    If you search the internet, you’ll find a lot of information regarding the disadvantages of using an automatic car cleaning. It is, to most users, unsafe, ineffective, and damaging for their vehicles.

    Some users of automatic washing complain about soiled, stiff brushes that leave their vehicle paint with swirls and scratches. Others whine about harsh chemicals, careless staff, dirty surroundings – the list goes on.

    However, there are a few scenarios when it’s preferable to use an automatic car detailing. Yes, you read it right! What are these instances?

    When to Use an Automatic Car Cleaning

    1. When You Live in a State Where Home Car Washing Has a Penalty

    In September 2015, USA Today published an article listing down the states that had critical water levels. The states are: Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah and South Carolina. Some of these states have very strict laws on protection of storm drains. In California, for example, there’s a $500 penalty if you are caught washing your vehicle at home. Either that or a $15 service at an automatic car wash.

    2. When Time Is of the Essence

    It happens – you’re running late for a very important event and you absolutely do not have the time to clean your car. An auto car wash does your car in just a matter of minutes. So why not have your car done rather than leave a bad impression to other attendees? You’ll even have time to calm your nerves while your car is being serviced.

    3. When You Don’t Want to Invest

    Let’s face it – car wash tools, equipment and products are not cheap. Plus, some of the car wash equipment you need are bulky. There’s the buffer, buffer heads, steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner, carpet extractor, and an assortment of auto detailing supplies. Rather than spend countless hours trying to figure out where to store your car wash essentials, why not go to an automatic car wash?

    4. When You Need to Budget

    Who doesn’t want to have their prized possession hand-washed and detailed by pros? That will absolutely give your vehicle the treatment it deserves. But sometimes, we need to cut down on costs, especially in a fluctuating economy. Rather than let your vehicle look like it just came from Hades, with mud covering its wheels, bugs clinging to the windshield, or watersports on its paint, better to have it cleaned at an auto wash.


    These are just some of the instances when using an automatic car cleaning is more preferable. Bear in mind that not all automatic washes are the same. There are self-serves, touchless or lasers, in-bays, and flex car washes. The choice depends on you.

    If you really want to have the best results and you have the time for it, consider taking your ride to the pros. Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts for a professional detailing service that is safe for both your car and the environment.

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