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What Is a Flex Car Wash and Is It for You?

  • What Is a Flex Car Wash and Is It for You
    May 29, 2017

    Car wash businesses have been evolving to cater to the changing needs of car owners. Technology and modern innovations are instrumental in the development of new services and systems that streamline the process. One of the new services available in various shops now is the Flex car wash or Flex-service wash. Here is a quick guide on what it is and whether it is the right car wash service for you.

    What is a Flex Car Wash?

    Flex Car Wash combines Express Exterior and Full-service type of car wash. You will be made to choose which wash package you wish to avail, and whether you want to add any optional exterior, aftercare, or express detail service for an additional fee.

    You drive onto a lot and purchase the services you want through a service attendant or an automated pay station. You will then drive your vehicle through a conveyorized tunnel for the Express Exterior (if availed). The entry gate is usually automated and your car won’t need manual prepping. The process of cleaning, shining and drying your car will be done as you move along the tunnel, all in 5 minutes or less while you wait inside your car. You may now exit the shop after, if you only availed of the Express Exterior. If you also purchased interior cleaning, express detail or any other additional service, you will proceed to an aftercare area, turn over your vehicle to an attendant, and wait at the lobby for 15 minutes or less (could be more, depending on the services you chose) as they finish working on your car. You can also leave the shop and return after the allotted time to prepare your vehicle. Luxury detailing services can also be availed but will have to be scheduled ahead of time.

    How is Flex Car Wash different from other car wash models?

    The main difference of Flex Car Wash from other car wash models is that you are able to choose and customize the package you want to purchase, while others come in pre-set packages. This is why it’s called Flex – it provides flexibility to accommodate every customer’s unique needs.  Full-service is designed to get you to avail of as many additional services as possible.

    The Express Exterior does not provide an option for interior cleaning. Vacuum bays are usually provided so you can clean the inside your car yourself. For Flex Car Wash, you can include interior cleaning to your choice of additional services and let the attendants do it for you while you wait.

    Benefits of Using Flex Car Wash

    1. Allows you to choose what you want

    You will enjoy having the freedom to choose exactly what service you want, when you want it. You can mix and match services depending on your car’s need for the day, and come back purchasing a totally different mix of service the next time around. You won’t have to purchase pre-set packages and end up getting services someone else picked out for you (unless you choose to do so).

    2. Saves you time and money

    Since you’ll be able to get exactly what you need, you won’t waste money on services that you don’t. Some shops even offer discounts and freebies for loyal customers that you can take advantage of. By having the flexibility to choose what you want, you will be able to manage your time. Just need your car’s exterior cleaned? You can be out the service bay in 5 minutes or less. Your car needs major work-up and you have errands to do? Leave your car to the attendants’ care, do your errands, and come back to a clean, shiny car.

    3. Offers convenient solution to your every need

    Most car wash businesses offer a one-stop shop for all your wash and detailing needs. So, you don’t have to transfer to other shops in search of the service you need. You have access to a wide array of services for your car and can choose as little or as many as you want.

    4. Keeps your car in top condition

    Some car owners put off going to the car wash because it’s expensive or they’ll have to wait a long time. With the convenience and cost-effectiveness that Flex Car Wash provides, you will now feel better about going to the car wash. Your car will get the care it needs as often as it should. Keeping your car in optimum condition will also help enhance its long-term value.

    Caring and proper maintenance of your car allows you to maximize its life and the enjoyment you take out of using it. It is worth taking the time to know the services you can avail that will maintain its sterling condition or improve on its flaws brought about by years of wear and tear. You may want to have your car checked by a professional to assess what car care services your car needs.

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