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Modesta Glass Coating Review

  • Modesta Glass Coating Review
    July 17, 2017

    Glass coating is popular among owners of luxury cars because of its exceptional benefits. Out of all the glass coating products available in the market, Modesta Glass Coating products are regarded as the most sophisticated and the best performing. These products are intended for professional use and are availed by owners of the most exclusive cars in the world. What makes Modesta Glass Coating special? Is Modesta coating the right product for your car?


    What is Modesta Glass Coating?

    It is a liquid glass coating that hardens into a thick, impenetrable glass-like layer on the surface of your car. The glass layer, a high-grade silicium, is created when the coating chemically reacts with the paint. This chemical bond ensures strong adhesion of the coating to the paint surface. Modesta offers the longest lasting protection against mechanical and chemical damage.


    What are the special features of Modesta Coating?

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a protective coating that is harder than your vehicle’s original finish? Modesta products provide exactly that.  It has hydrophilic properties that make water slide off the car’s surface rather than forming beads that eventually cause rusting and oxidation. This water-repellent property makes dust and dirt come off with the water, creating a self-cleaning effect.


    What are the different types of Modesta Glass Coating?

    There are nine products in Modesta’s glass coating line. They are named BC-01 to BC-06, BC-08, BC-09 and Paul Dalton’s Private Label (PD). All of them claim to give your car a shiny and glossy finish and have 3 to 5 ?m layer thickness that provides superior protection for 3 to 10 years. Products mainly differ in their formulation, special features and their method of application.

    Modesta uses inorganic components in the formulation of their coatings to make it more resistant to oxidation. With PD, detailing expert Mr. Paul Dalton together with Japanese chemical engineers combined the benefits of both organic and inorganic technologies. Each innovation in the formulation offers a unique feature. The combination of liquid glass and titanium dioxide in BC-03 makes it completely resistant to oxidation. The three-dimensional molecular frame of the BC-05 gives it a unique “candy-like” gloss. BC-03 is stain-resistant and heatproof up to 1300?C because of its tight molecular structure.

    How is Modesta Coating applied?

    There are three ways of applying the liquid glass coating to your car: wet, dry and spray application.

    Prep Work

    The vehicle to be treated needs to be clean and blemish-free before applying the liquid glass coating. To achieve this state, certain steps need to be done like a detailed wash, de-waxing, clay barring, polishing and buffing, and paint cleansing. Clay barring removes contaminants embedded in the paint like brake dust or acid rain. Polishing and buffing remove swirl marks and light scratches.

    Wet Application

    Products that require this method are applied using a damp applicator. Right after the application, the car’s surface is wiped with a damp microfibre. It will then be left to cure under 70?C heat lamps or infrared lights. BC-01, BC-02, BC-03 and BC-04 needs to be applied wet.

    Dry Application

    Dry application means applying the liquid glass coating using a dry applicator. BC-05 and PD use this method. A primer (P-01A) is applied before BC-05. After application, a dry microfibre is used to wipe off the surface. For PD, instead of a primer, it includes a base coat and a top coat. After the application, the coating is left for curing.

    Spray Application

    BC-06 is applied using a paint gun with a nitrous oxide propellant instead of an applicator. Most of the time a vehicle requires more than one layer of the glass coating. After applying all the layers, the vehicle will undergo a similar curing process.

    How effective are these products?

    One of the features that vehicle owners love about Modesta Coating is how water-repellant it is. They are amazed how water slides right off their cars when it rains. And since there is no beading, their cars won’t have any trace that it has been rained on. The coating’s self-cleaning properties keep the car clean for a longer time.

    Another feature that users love about Modesta is the unique “candy-like” gloss. Dullness, scratches, and oxidation in the paint are restored and renewed to look better than brand new. It gives the paint deeper color hues and shine.

    How much do they cost?

    The price of availing this coating depends on the size of your car and the extent of the coverage (e.g. exterior only, full exterior and interior). The cost can range from $770 (BC-05) to $2750 (PD), depending on the Modesta product to be used.

    Application of glass coating products like Modesta, Opticoat Pro, or Cquartz Finest needs to be performed by a professional who has the necessary skill and equipment. Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts today to learn more about the best professional detailing for your car.

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