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How to Clean a Car Interior Using Steam [VIDEO]

  • How to Clean a Car Interior Using Steam
    August 14, 2017

    How to clean a car interior using steam? That’s a question often asked by people who are curious about the use of steam on vehicles.

    There’s a reason why more and more vehicle owners are opting for steam cleaning for their prized possession. It is safe, green and effective. Because steam practically dissolves dirt on contact, you have little need for harsh chemicals that can affect your health, damage your vehicle and the environment. Not to mention that steam allows you to use water wisely – about 90% less than traditional car washing methods.

    But how to clean a car interior with steam safely and effectively?

    Watch the video below.

    How to Clean a Car Interior with Steam

    You might not know it, but your car has become a repository of unwanted stuff. Get rid of soda cans, pet hairs, disposable lighters, newspapers, buttons, etc.

    Step 1 – Get Ready

    Gather all the tools that you need: degreaser, window cleaner, and some light and dark-colored microfiber towels. You’d want to use the light-colored towel for the initial cleaning.

    Step 2 – Start with the Mats

    Remove all mats. Steam clean them and leave to dry.

    Step 3 – Time to Steam Clean

    Get the steam cleaner and microfiber towel. Hold the steam cleaner at a 45-degree angle. Start cleaning from the driver’s side door panel. When you steam a surface, lightly scrub with the microfiber towel. For tough stains or dirt, use a degreaser. Clean the window on that side.

    Step 4 – Vacuum

    When you’re done with the driver’s side panel,  vacuum the carpet. Make sure you remove all contaminants – hair, sand, dust, etc. Move the seat forward so you can clean the area underneath the seat. Then steam clean the seat and carpet to sanitize them. To enable you to clean hard-to-reach areas, use a crevice tool. It is specifically designed for reaching the areas that surround the pedals and under the seats.

    Step 5 – Sanitize

    You should also steam clean your dashboard, steering wheel,  AC vents and switches to get rid of airborne germs and bacteria that can affect you and your passengers’ health and wellness.

    Step 6 – Finalize

    After steam cleaning, vacuum the seats and carpets again. This is to make sure that no contaminants are left behind. Then repeat the same method on the front passenger’s seat and back seat.

    This is how to clean a car interior using steam. If you’re pressed for time, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. We have trained technicians and all the proper tools and equipment to make your car’s interior as clean as the day you brought it out of the showroom.

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