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Applying Clear Coat: Do’s and Dont’s

  • Applying Clear Coat: Dos and Don'ts
    November 13, 2017

    Clear coats protect your car from exterior damage and extend the life of the paint. It acts as a barrier between your vehicle and the outside elements. However, if the coat is damaged, it causes paint to fade or peel away. Applying clear coat solutions can be difficult if you don’t know the proper method. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you through the process.

    Why a Clear Coat?

    Maintaining the exterior of your vehicle lengthens the life of the car. A clear coat protects and prevents damage to the paint. Without the extra layer, paint can peel away and eventually lead to rust. Basically, this causes deterioration over time to the structure of the body. Applying clear coat products are the first defense to your car exterior.

    Do Inspect Your Vehicle

    To determine whether you need a new clear coat, walk around your car and check for any peeling. The first sign of peeling indicates that the outside layer needs replaced. Most of the time, the damage is noticeable. The top portion of the vehicle tends to be where most of the paint will peel, especially around the hood.

    Don’t Pick the Paint

    This seems easy enough to understand, but some people might try to remove the layer of peeling. However, using the proper method will ensure that you remove the coat without further damage. This means acquiring sandpaper and other tools to successfully remove the damaged area.

    Do Start Fresh

    Using sandpaper to grind down the peeling coat works the best. 400-600 grit sandpaper should remove the excess layer before you begin applying clear coat spray. Ensuring that everything is smooth beforehand guarantees the new layer will go on seamlessly.

    However, before you spray the clear coat on the exterior, consider practicing first. Grab a spare piece of scrap metal and test out the product on this first. This allows you to make sure you spray evenly and cover every area.

    Don’t Rush

    Take your time to apply the coat. Moving slowly and overlapping coverage ensures an even surface. Some people believe that the spray allows you to move quickly, but slowing down makes sure the layer is correct. The clear coat should be thin but have enough coverage that there are no holes in the layers.

    Do Multiple Layers

    Each layer should be smooth and thin. Clear coats require multiple layers to cover every area of the paint. However, in between each layer, you need to allow time for the solution to dry. Wait about 10 minutes before applying the second coat.

    The second layer can be slightly thicker than the first. Make sure you allow about an hour for this to dry.

    Don’t Wait to Wash

    The easiest way to maintain a clear coat is to clean your car once a month. Washing your car will help eliminate dirt that might scratch the paint. Additionally, waxing your vehicle on a regular basis will help protect the exterior. This adds another layer that helps protect the car, as well as, the clear coat.

    Applying clear coat spray to car paint can be challenging. DetailXPerts, a mobile eco-friendly auto detailing company specializes in refreshing the exterior paint. Our highly-trained professionals will restore your clear coat for you and save you the trouble. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation.

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