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Buffing a Car: How to Make the Most of It

  • Buffing a Car: How to Make the Most of It
    July 2, 2018

    Everyone knows there are several benefits to buffing a car. However, it is easy to make a few mistakes while performing this task. To prepare and ensure the right methods are carried out, here are some tips.


    Wash the Car

    As with carrying out any task on a vehicle, park in a shady spot first. This prevents soap and water stains from developing on the exterior paint. Cleaning the car also gets rid of any excess dirt and grime on the car. Make sure to dry the car with a microfiber towel, as these soak up more water and grab contaminants.


    Type of Buffer

    Ensuring you have the right equipment for the job becomes the next course of action. First, determine which method you need for your vehicle. The high-speed rotary buffer will grant the best result but requires the most amount of training. Additionally, this option comes with the added danger of ruining your car’s paint job due to the risk of burning paint and swirls.

    Another option is the orbital brush. This mimics the circular motions done by hand but is more efficient. Additionally, the orbital brush produces better results.

    Finally, the most labor-intensive way to buff is by hand. This method takes the longest but is best if you are untrained with a machine buffer. However, the results don’t last as long and more product is required to complete the task.


    Look First

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    Ensure the area that is about to be buffed, normally 2 ft by 2 ft, is sectioned off with masking tape.  This prevents the polish or wax from touching other areas. Check to make sure there is no sand or other dirt on the buffing pad or car surface before you begin. Any particles left on either can cause permanent scratches to the exterior. Furthermore, the buffing pad must be kept off the ground. If dropped on the ground the pad collects rocks, dust, dirt, and other particles that damage paint.

    The above steps should all be carried out before buffing a car. Additionally, the following steps will help you get the most out of the process.


    Don’t Waste Your Time

    Some car owners cause harm to their vehicle without realizing it. The biggest mistake drivers make – using dish washing soap. The solution oxidizes, causing the exterior of the car to appear dull. This basically defeats the whole purpose of buffing your car by creating more work for yourself. Buffing also requires a lot of time, running up to three hours to complete.


    Too Much

    The old cliche “less is more” applies when it comes to buffing a car. Using too much polish or wax during the process can cause the compounds to spread everywhere. Generally, a small amount applied directly to the area works best.

    Another common mistake when using a machine is the application of too much pressure for a long period of time. This leads to the removal of paint. Thus, leaving your undercoat exposed, which can lead to rust and other issues.



    Buffing pads are essentials to the process of buffing a car mechanically. How often you use the pads will determine when you should replace them. A person who only buffs their car 2 or 3 times a year will need to replace them less often than someone who uses them every month. Additionally, purchasing new pads will ensure you maintain the best results when buffing a car. In order to prevent polish, wax, or other abrasive from drying on the material, it’s best to clean the pads right after buffing.


    Overall, buffing a car requires time and effort to successfully perform the task. In addition, you must know how to properly utilize the equipment. Professionals have the experience and the know-how to buff a vehicle efficiently. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company, offers specialty services like buffing. Our highly-trained technicians will help you get the best out of buffing.


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