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Interior Car Detailing Prices: What Are You Paying for?

  • Interior Car Detailing Prices What Are You Paying for
    April 27, 2020

    Interior detailing is as important as external detailing. Therefore, you should go for it once in a while. This way your car’s interior will look better and will have a longer life. However, interior detailing is not just emptying the trash can and vacuuming. For instance, it is healthier to have a clean car. The dirt inside circulates around and may cause allergies. Moreover, grit can cause switches not to work properly. Dirty windows do not allow you to see the road well.  In general, car detailing prices vary depending on different factors.  Yet, if you want to get a high quality service, you will need to pay more for it. Let’s explore together what are the factors that influence the interior car detailing prices and what exactly you are paying for.

    Factors That Influence Interior Car Detailing Prices

    Professionalism and Reputation of the Car Detailer

    Every car detailer has its own strength, professionalism, reputation and different auto detailing prices. This can also cause the prices to vary. Some may use only expensive products. Other may train their employees special skills. Moreover, different machines are used during the process. All these can cause additional payment. Detailers usually does not clean, if you have left some of your stuff. Remove your belongings, before leaving the car.


    Location is a factor, because the different states offer different services. Detailers, even those with franchise opportunities, are not presents in all states.


    Interior car detailing prices may differ also in regards to the occasion. It is not the same if you are going home, or to a wedding. Official occasions might need special services. For instance, you might not shampoo the seats every time that you go for interior detailing. But, if the occasion is a wedding, you will want them washed and perfect. Therefore, you should expect to pay more for this service.

    Interior Car Detailing Prices Depend on the Size of the Vehicle, Too

    The size is a major factor for determining the interior car detailing prices. For the bigger cars/vehicles the price is higher, because it takes more time to be cleaned. Moreover, if it has also a big trunk, the price can go even higher. The usual difference between car and SUV is around $15-$25 and the truck detailing will cost you another $20-$30.

    Condition of the Vehicle

    This factor is again very important in regards to determining the interior car detailing prices. It is not the same if the car has been detailed few months ago, or few years ago. If talking about years, car’s interior can be very dirty. So, this will lead to more time, efforts and products for the detailing. Additional cost can be charged if there are strains, pet hair (very hard to get it out and much more time) or M&M’s stuck to the seats. You might expect $25 to $90 additional charge for this. Moreover, very murky interiors might need extra service to be renovated.

    Used Products

    Interior car detailing prices may also vary depending on the products that the detailer uses. For instance, special more expensive products might be used for some strains. In addition, if there are certain odors inside the car, they will be removed again with special cleaners. If the seats are leather, again special products will be needed. Some owners might expect certain very high quality products. Above all, check out the products that the detailer is using, because some of them can be too cheap and can contain unhealthy ingredients. As we state in many of our articles, look for good quality products for your own safety.

    Brand of the Car/Vehicle

    Another factor that can influence the price is the brand of the car. In general, luxury branded cars cost more to be detailed. The reason is that the employees go through special trainings. Moreover, luxury special products, equipment and tools are used for certain brands.

    Interior Car Detailing Prices: What Exactly Are You Paying for?

    As mentioned above, different detailers may charge different prices, depending on the factors above. But also the price depends on the package and what exactly is included in it.

    Basic Procedures Included in the Interior Car Detailing Price

    • Clean with a car vacuum – the interior detailing always starts with vacuuming. The seats, floors, trunk, and the shelves should be cleaned. After that, floor mats should be removed and vacuum again. Depending on the vacuum, some places inside the car should be reached with additional tools. In any case, vacuuming is included as standard in all packages of interior detailing. It is very important all hard to reach places to be cleaned. For instance, if you have some food under the seat, it might rotten and lead to bacteria development and mold. Moreover, this is very bad for your health.
    • Shampooing is the second step that cannot be missed even in a basic package. All carpets, mats, rugs and upholstery are shampooed.
    • Clean the glasses is the next procedure. On the outside it is very important the glasses to be perfectly clean. Yet the inside is very important as well. Special products are used in order to clean the glasses well, that will insure you will be able to look through them well.
    • Remove the dust from the dashboards, headliner, gauges, cup holders, seat belts, steering column, all switches, door panels.
    • Conditioning – apply conditioner on all services for protection and shine.

    All these are included in the basic package. Above all, these procedures are a must for an interior car detailing. The interior car detailing prices may vary from $69 to around $100.

    Premium Packages

    Most detailers offer simple/main/basic package and a premium one, which includes more procedures.

    • Sanitizing – again with special products. This is nice to have, but not obligatory.
    • Deodorizing – perfuming of the car. Very nice to have, the good odor makes the result better.
    • Leather trimming- when the interior of the car is leather, it is a little bit more specific with the detailing process. More specific products are used and conditioners. The prices for taking care of a car with leather seats might be as much as $220.
    • Steam cleaning – not all detailers have such an option. This depends on the machines that they are using. In general, cleaning with steam is the most effective way to remove all dirt, odor and light strains from the seats, mats and carpets. After that, they should be left to dry. This one is nice to have, since it protects further your car.
    • Applying premium conditioners for enriching the surfaces. Good to have option.

    Premium packages include all procedures from the basic packages, but the above are added. In general, the premium start from $120 and can go as high as $195.


    Finally, additional procedures can be offered. For instance, you might want organic sanitizing, which will remove any germs or viruses. Additional service is the detailer to use specialized products brands. Similarly, extraordinary detailing of vintage cars is extra. Some detailers offer services like leather seats repair, scratches on the dashboards repairs. Sanitizing air/ventilation system is a services that not all detailers offer. Yet it is a very good one and if you can, our recommendation is to do it once in a while.

    In Conclusion

    In general, interior car detailing prices vary depending on the above factors. Check before you decide on the service and what you want to be included. But if you want your car to be perfect, think about getting professional detailer. Detailer’s job is to make your car to get you the feeling of driving a new one.

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