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5 Steps to Complete Car Sanitization [VIDEO]

  • Drive Safe with Complete Car Sanitization
    August 17, 2020

    The inside of a vehicle might look clean but there is often more to a car interior than meets the eye. Frequently-touched areas such as the controls, door handles, seatbelts, and the steering wheel make them a hotbed for germs and bacteria. We have become much more aware of these invisible dangers to our health ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. And we have become much more aware of the need for a complete car sanitization to keep us safe from them.

    According to a recent science report, the coronavirus can linger on glass, metal and plastic surfaces for several days. It is a reminder that we need to protect our health by taking preventative measures. This is also why renowned detailing brands like DetailXPerts know that professional detailing services are simply not enough. Thorough, effective sanitization is also necessary. In response to this greater demand for cleaner cars, DetailXPerts reassures drivers with its innovative car sanitization services. These trusted methods clean a car interior using steam and utilize EPA-approved eco-friendly disinfecting products. Take a look at how DetailXPerts is committed to helping you and your family “Drive Safe” wherever you go.

    5 Steps to Car Sanitization

    1. Car Interior Detailing

    Our cars often show the visible signs of our travels with family and friends. As careful as we may try to be, life can get messy. Crumbs, dust, debris, drink cartons, food wrappers, sticky fingerprints and dirt from boots and shoes will quickly leave a car looking untidy and unclean. Make sure your car is clutter-free before you begin the car sanitization process. Vacuum all the upholstery, carpets and floor mats to ensure the car interior is spotless. Alternatively, a professional car detailing service will take care of the job for you. Then the car sanitization process can take place.

    2. Choose Suitable Disinfectant Products

    Effective car sanitization methods often use powerful disinfectants to kill viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens. However, it is extremely important to research and choose the correct products first. Be mindful and use caution when cleaning the inside of a car. Mixing common household cleaners together can create toxic fumes. To be on the safe side, seek out eco-friendly products that are non-toxic but tough on germs. For example, DetailXPerts use EPA-certified disinfectants combined with steam to kill harmful pathogens in a car interior. This method of steam cleaning with organic products also creates a protective layer against future pathogens. Not only is this method perfect for car sanitization, it has also proved popular for office cleaning services and temple cleaning when it comes to ensuring a healthy environment wherever people gather together.

    3. Select the Correct Tools and Equipment for Car Sanitization

    You can use cloths and a disinfectant solution to deep-clean a car interior but take care not to transfer germs from a dirty cloth onto a clean surface. A good option is to swap cloths for specialized equipment to disperse the sanitizer properly. Ideally, you want a powerful and effective tool that evenly distributes the disinfectant solution throughout the interior of the car, including those hard-to-reach places. If you are unsure about using or purchasing specialized equipment, leave it to the professional detailers who specialize in steam cleaning the interior of a car. They will have the necessary equipment to eradicate all germs.

    4. Pay Special Attention to Touch Points

    One of the ways a virus spreads is when you touch an infected surface and then touch your face. Most of us do it without thinking. Car sanitization addresses this problem. Your goal is to clean everywhere but also pay close attention to all the touch points – wherever there has been hand contact on surfaces and controls. This includes exterior door handles. Killing viruses with steam will ensure all the touch points in your car are no longer a potential contamination threat.

    5. Sanitize AC Vents to Eliminate Airborne Germs, Viruses and Bacteria

    Car sanitization will also kill airborne germs providing the correct methods are used. Avoid using strong-smelling detergents. Chemical-based sprays and cleaners could also expose the driver and passengers to harmful fumes. Instead, deep-clean AC vents and the car interior with organic solutions. Steam cleaning your car will also help prevent the airborne spread of pathogenic microbes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that the high temperature of steam kills microorganisms. It is also odorless. Therefore, it leaves a perfectly safe and comfortable environment for car journeys and it doesn’t affect people with respiratory problems.


    If you follow the 5 steps to complete car sanitization it will bring you peace of mind, especially if there is a risk of a second wave of coronavirus. It is sensible and advisable to take extra precautions and preventative measures as we begin to return to our cars and travel more. Pick the right tools for the job and choose cleaning methods such as steam and organic products that are safe and efficient. Alternatively, it you would prefer to leave an important job like this to the professionals, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your car superbly detailed and sanitized for a safe and sparkling ride.

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