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RV Detailing Prices – How Much Should You Pay?

  • RV Detailing Prices How Much Should You Pay
    March 16, 2021

    If you decide to hire someone to clean your RV, it is useful to know exactly what you are paying for. It is also helpful to have an idea of what is considered a reasonable price for the services offered. This will ensure that you get your money’s worth. RV detailing prices vary because there are different types and sizes of RVs. As you would expect, it will cost much more to detail a large Class A RV than a mid-size Class B RV simply because it takes more time and effort to clean a much larger vehicle.

    Since there are so many different types and sizes of RVs, you’ll find that many RV detailers charge by the foot. This can range anywhere from $5-$40 per foot, depending on who you get to do the work and which detailing package you choose. There will also be variations according to whether it is mobile RV cleaning or a location-based detailer. Take a closer look at some of the variables that will affect RV detailing prices:

    RV Detailing Prices

    As a starting point, it is reasonable to expect a full exterior high pressure wash and a “mini” interior detail for around $15 per foot. If you own a medium-sized RV measuring around 22 feet, a detailing package can cost around $330. This will include dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the counters and surfaces in the living area, bathroom and kitchen. You may find that some detailers charge per hour for cleaning an RV. For example, $60 per hour for interior detailing including shampooing carpets and upholstery.

    Cleaning the Water System

    However, mini interior detailing will not include deep cleaning and sanitization throughout your RV. If you ask for this, a full interior clean will bump up the price to around $20 per foot. You’ll also have to pay more to have your freshwater system cleaned and sanitized. This is an important job that should be done at least every six months to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria building up in your water system. A specific job like this is often charged at a flat rate. It could be in the region of $20-$25.

    Wax Treatment

    You can get an exterior wash for around $5 per foot but you will pay extra for an RV wash and wax service. This can increase the price to $20-$25 per foot because it is a labor-intensive job. You will also have to factor in the cost of specialist mobile RV cleaning. Special detailing products will be used to remove bugs and tar and all other contaminants. Stubborn bug and tar deposits might mean you pay an additional $2-$4 per foot. Then, once the vehicle has been cleaned and dried, it can be waxed and polished to improve the overall appearance and offer additional protection from the elements. If possible, this should be carried out every couple of months for maximum protection.

    RV Detailing Prices for Specialist Roof Cleaning

    Some RV detailing packages will include a basic roof wash. However, RV detailing prices will go up if you need any specialist treatment. The price also depends on which type of roof you have. For example, treating a rubber roof with a UV protectant can cost around $150 if someone is to properly clean and seal the roof. Similarly, an RV fiberglass roof requires extra care and attention when applying a protective coating, or using a compound designed to restore faded fiberglass.

    The Age and Condition of Your RV

    The condition of your vehicle will be an additional factor in determining your RV detailing prices. If you have a new model that is in good condition, it is going to be easier, quicker and, therefore, cheaper to clean. You could expect to pay around $15 per foot to clean the interior and exterior. However, RV detailing prices can double with older models, particularly if they have heavy soiling or mold/mildew. For $30 per foot, you can purchase an interior deep cleaning package that will include stain removal. Pet hair removal might incur an extra $25 on top of the basic price. Oxidation problems will bump up the price even more, see below.   

    Oxidation Removal

    Older RVs will need more than a wash and wax if the exterior of your RV is showing signs of oxidation. Long-term exposure to sunlight can cause a chalky or blotchy appearance on the exposed surfaces. To restore its original gloss and shine, oxidation removal is a must. It is a specialist process that requires extra attention to detail and involves applying a polishing compound by hand or using an electric power buffer. RV detailing prices for a full interior detail and a cut and buff treatment to remove oxidation can cost up to $40 per foot. If you just want oxidation removal, it is about $20 per foot.

    Cleaning the Awning

    Expect to add an extra $25 to your RV detailing prices if you want your awning washed and cleaned. This isn’t a must-do job but a clean awning is much nicer to look at when you are relaxing outside your RV. If you don’t want the hassle of taking your awning to a detailing shop, search for mobile detailing services in your area. Choosing someone near you will cut down on their fuel costs, which in turn can hopefully get you a better detailing price.

    Mobile Detailing vs a Location-Based Detailer

    RV detailing prices differ depending on whether you prefer the convenience of mobile detailing or you chose to visit a location-based RV detailer. Mobile auto detailing prices do reflect the convenience of the service and will include traveling costs of the detailer. However, a location-based business has to factor building overheads and land rental/mortgage costs into their pricing strategies, which can result in you paying more. A better way to compare the pricing is to look at who will actually be doing the work. See the experience of the detailer and brand, below.

    The Experience of the Detailer

    RV detailing prices also depend on your detailing service provider. If you hire someone who has had proper training and years of experience, expect to pay extra for their skillsets and expertise. In this instance, it will be money well spent because your RV is an expensive vehicle. Therefore, it is important to entrust the cleaning of it to someone who knows what they are doing.

    Hiring the Services of a Renowned Brand

    People are often willing to pay more for goods and services from a recognized brand that is built on trust and a great reputation. RV detailing is no different. Are you willing to pay more for a detailing brand that uses the most advanced tools and technology to guarantee the best results? Do you feel it is worth paying extra for high-quality cleaning products, such as eco-friendly biodegradable cleaners that are associated with a “greener” clean? Your answers will determine whether you are prepared to pay less or more to have your RV detailed. However, higher RV detailing prices are no guarantee of higher quality work, so be sure to do your research to find out who comes highly recommended.

    Seasonal Extras

    If you haven’t used your RV over the winter months, a de-winterize RV detailing packing might be a good idea before you hit the road on your next vacation. This involves more than standard detailing, so you’ll pay more than the average RV detailing prices. Your vehicle will be given a thorough overhaul including flushing through the water system, checking oil, tires and electrics, upgrading or replacing vents, repairing sealants and so on. A thorough de-winterizing package can start from $200, depending on the size of your RV.


    RV detailing prices will vary depending on the services you choose, the size of your vehicle and its condition. If you have a larger RV, two or more detailers will be required for the job. But, if a detailer has to do a lot more work on it, this will result in higher costs. If you purchase multiple add-on services, you might receive a discount, so it is worth asking. The prices we’ve mentioned are a general estimate. To get an accurate idea of costs, contact the RV detailer and ask for a quote based on the size and the nature of the job.

    If you want to put your prized possession in good hands, leave the job to the experts and schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to have your RV professionally detailed. Our team has experience in working with all sizes and types of RVs and uses the latest steam cleaning technology and efficient methods to ensure sanitized and safe results.

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