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  • 14, Mar 2011
    DetailXPerts Energy & Water Saving Tips

    DetailXPerts Energy & Water Saving Tips

    Check out 7 easy and practical ways you can help the environment by saving water & energy. DetailXPerts encourages their loyal clients to live an eco-friendly life by giving them the Green Rewards Program. It is a way to say THANK YOU for saving water, protecting the environment and for using our professional detailing service.

  • 10, Mar 2011
    Go Green on St. Patrick's Day with DetailXPerts

    Get Steam Cleaned on St. Patrick’s Day

    Now that the weather is warmer, it might be easier for St. Patrick’s Day celebrators to get out and go to some of the special events being held in their area. DetailXPerts understands the importance of being green and is helping celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with 2 special offers on all of our professional detailing services to honor the special day for Irish and non-Irish alike:

  • 07, Mar 2011

    Happy Women’s Day to You

    Did you know that women are at least, and often slightly more than, half of the population of every culture! It’s always a great idea to take time and especially on March 8th to remember where we came from and how we got where we are, today. There have been many women who have broken barriers that have allowed for more women to do things in fields that weren’t always “women friendly” and who also helped more women know that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. DetailXPerts gives out a special gift for March 8th to each woman who has her car steam cleaned.

  • 03, Mar 2011

    Spring Cleaning Is Steam Cleaning

    Blooming bulbs and spring breeze are signals that warmer weather is on the way. When the calendar turns to spring, we often find ourselves in a cleaning mode, looking to revitalize our homes, our vehicles, even ourselves. Whether you prefer to proceed from the attic to the basement or start and wind your way inside, focus on one task at a time. From cleaning your house to cleaning your vehicle there is not a lot of time within the day. Today’s working mom or active mother of young children does not have the ability to clear two weeks of other commitments to engage in a full-time spring cleaning session. You can have spring cleaning for your vehicle by a professional at a great rate only now!

  • 28, Feb 2011

    DetailXPerts: Honoring Women

    Teacher, student, chef, wife and mother are just a few hats the woman in your life may wear. Wait, you are a female? Then you may wear these hats yourself on a daily basis. You have to be a strong and organized woman to make sure things are run smoothly in your everyday life. While celebrating Women’s History Month, it became a holiday to honor not only women’s labor, but women’s role in the Revolution. We at DetailXPerts honor women during march as well with a great discount on Interior Steam Cleaning.

  • 24, Feb 2011

    Car Detailing: The Perfect Gift

    How many of your gifts promptly found their place in the closet corner or deep in a drawer? It will never happen with DetailXPerts gift certificates! Car detailing is a gift that tells others you care about them and you will feel good knowing it’s a gift that gives for months and months. Who wouldn’t want their existing car to look as new again for free?

  • 22, Feb 2011

    Clean Air Equals Healthy Heart

    Eating, smoking, coughing and sneezing are just a few things we do in our vehicles. In other words you are simply spreading germs in your vehicle’s cabin. We spend a tremendous amount of time in our cars and not many people actually calculate how much time is spent there. One hour here, two hours there and it’s a safe bet to say you spend more time in your car than in your own dining room. That is why it is essential to have your vehicle sanitized and sterilized.

  • 08, Feb 2011

    You Are Killing Me

    Not many people care about their heart. This is a bold statement to make but none the less the truth. You would think the weather would slow people down from smoking. Who wants to stand in seventeen degree weather smoking? Nope, that does not stop smokers one last bit.

  • 04, Feb 2011

    Green Rewards Program Encourages You to Save Water by Using Steam Cleaning Services

    DetailXPerts professional detailing business launches one of a kind customer recognition program in honor of Black History Month. Enroll now in the DetailXPerts Green Rewards Program and celebrate the Black History Month 2011 with us.

  • 02, Feb 2011

    African Americans Contribute to a Safer America

    All great African American inventors leave behind a legacy of creativity, ingenuity and selflessness that serve to inspire many generations. This does not fall short for the creator of DetailXPerts. In 2002 Emmanuel Williams, CEO and inventor of DetailXPerts, perfected a way to clean vehicles using steam. With the idea coming from his eight year old son, the legacy will live on.

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