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cleaning car rims

  • 09, May 2013
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    How to Steam Clean Car Rims

    Some car owners are meticulous enough to include certain easy-to-neglect parts of their car during every cleaning chore, such as the wheel arches and tire rims. You might not consider your tires (and the entire wheel area in general) as an integral part of your car, but they actually bear the brunt of your everyday travels. Here’s how to steam clean your car rims.

  • 06, May 2013
    Why Steam Is the Best Way to Cleaning Car Rims

    Why Steam Is the Best Way to Cleaning Car Rims

    There are certain areas in your car that are usually overlooked when you go for a DIY clean, such as the underbody, the engine compartment, and the wheel rims. Cleaning car rims requires more than just splashing water on the tires and wheel wells. Check out some advantages of using steam when cleaning your car rims.