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Eco Steam Detailing Specialties

Eco Steam Detailing Specialties

The professional eco steam detailing services that DetailXPerts offers through fully-equipped mobile auto detailing units or at a variety of detail shops around the country can help you take the first step to leading a greener life. We use a special minimum-waste, patent-pending steam technology coupled with eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions.


Along with our regular professional services, we also offer some eco steam detailing specialties.


Our Eco Steam Detailing Specialties

DetailXPerts’ professionally-trained detailers use eco steam detailing for vehicles of different types and sizes to restore their original shine on the outside and sanitize them on the inside for a fresh, sparkling interior. Also, they use it for a variety of other applications. Here’s a sample list of our eco steam detailing specialties that you can request in addition to your basic detailing package:


Engine Steam Cleaning

Chemicals are often too harsh for vehicle engine cleaning. When properly executed, steam cleaning services can thoroughly remove grime from the surface of your vehicle’s engine. After a full steam cleaning, your engine will look shiny and brand new.


Air Sanitation

A completely organic steam cleaning process that sanitizes vents, seats, carpets, and mats. Your vehicle will finally get rid of bad odors like pet smell, cigarette smoke, engine fumes, and others. You can wrap this service up with a natural odor-eliminating fragrance of your choice.


Pet Hair Removal

We remove existing pet hair from your interior by hand using a premium bristle brush. Then follow up with a thorough eco steam detailing procedure.


Headlight Rejuvenation

Finally, there is a way to get rid of oxidation and yellowing of headlights! Our unique method guarantees to give you headlights that glow and shine like new.


Stain Removal

Our excellent stain removal service uses powerful enzymes to break down even the deepest spots – blood, coffee, vomit, you name it – we take it out!


Paint Transfer Removal

The power of steam is tough not only on dirt and grime, it is also strong enough to eliminate marks of paint transfer with just a few seconds of careful and professional application. Yet, eco steam detailing is gentle on your vehicle’s original paint, and, most importantly, safe for the environment.


Carpet Shampoo

Our ultra-effective carpet shampoo is 100% natural and will leave your carpet looking cleaner than the day you bought it.


Floor Mat Shampoo

Floor mats are thoroughly cleaned with our special, eco-friendly shampoo.


Rim & Wheel Shine

Rims and wheels are steam cleaned from front to back, so they shine like diamonds. Tire dressing also available upon request.


Overspray Coat Removal

We use a patent-pending, state-of-the-art eco steam detailing process to thoroughly cleanse the surface or your vehicle, leaving no toxic residue behind.


Swirls Removal

Vehicles are manually waxed with a top-quality agent that removes all swirl marks, leaving only a deep, glossy shine behind.


Mold Removal

Mold is a dangerous substance, linked to asthma and chronic upper-respiratory issues. Fortunately, mold cannot survive high temperatures, which is why our steam cleaning services combined with special non-toxic chemicals can easily and effectively remove mold from boats, cars, and other vehicle surfaces.


Tar Removal

The same unique eco steam detailing process can be used to safely and effortlessly remove tar from wheels, rims, and other surfaces.


Windshield Repair

Take advantage of world class windshield repair through DetailXPerts. Our highly qualified and well-trained technicians can repair and stop any damage to your windshield – rock chips, cracks, dings, bull’s eyes – as long as these do not affect both glass surfaces and they are not longer than 10 inches.


Window Tinting

DetailXPerts brings you US standard films that can block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Our experts use our advanced technology and premium materials to create and install window tints that are resistant to fade and corrosion. At the same time they do not reflect light as much as glass, giving you better vision, thus, a safer driving experience.


Windscreen Security Film

Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays all the time without alerting the police. Our windscreen security films are tinted just right to keep the glare away without compromising your visibility to the authorities.


Bedliner Protection

Protect your truck’s bedliner from scratches and premature damage. Our bedliner protection sets in just a few minutes but can last a long time.


Golf Clubs and Shoes Cleaning

No one wants to rub hazardous chemicals on items that they will be frequently touching with their hands or wearing on their body. Therefore, we offer the same environmentally-friendly, all-natural eco steam detailing agents on for both shoes and golf clubs.