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Bank Cleaning Services

Each and every day dozens of people visit banks. They come to you for a variety of reasons – savings, loans, mortgages, investments, etc. Their major expectation is that your financial institution will assist them with their specific case. Yet, they also expect a number of other elements to be present in order to be retained as a loyal client. Among these fall convenient location, lucrative financial terms, and excellent customer service. Additionally, they expect tangible and intangible factors, including the cleanliness and tidiness of the facility. This is where our professional bank cleaning services come in.

Why DetailXPerts' Bank Cleaning Services?

Employing a conventional bank cleaning services provider leads to getting conventional results – (almost) clean curbside and entrance, lobby and waiting area, counters and machines, windows and doors, and restrooms. However, brooms, rags, mops, sponges, and the like can only do this much. They cannot deal with deep-seated dirt or stained areas. Nor can they eliminate viruses and bacteria people carry around unconsciously. To do so, conventional bank cleaning service providers resort to chemicals that can be dangerous not only to your clients but to your employees as well. In addition, these chemicals lack the eco-friendly solutions needed to protect the environment.

DetailXPerts’ approach is far superior. Our robust steam process is guaranteed to remove all types of dirt from various surfaces, leaving nothing but perfect cleanliness behind. Hot water vapor is unstoppable against any filth. Yet, it is gentle enough to keep the surface’s polish intact. Trust us, we’ve tested and proved it even on cars’ tender paint finish.

What’s more, hot steam efficiently kills up to 99% of sickening microorganisms and tremendously reduces their reproduction cycle. This means that your bank will stay clean and safe from dangerous microbes for longer periods of time. And your clients’ and employees’ health will not be threatened.

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Other Advantages of DetailXPerts' Bank Cleaning Services

Steam is not only effective at cleaning your financial institution’s facility even from germs, but it does so without harming the environment. The process is so perfected, that it only uses very minimal amounts of water, thus contributing to the preservation of this precious natural resource. DetailXPerts delivers its impeccable bank cleaning services and protects the earth in other ways, too:

Our Cleaning Agents Are Efficient and Green

We use environment-friendly cleaning solutions that are biodegradable. Consequently, they get the job done with ease while not doing further damage to nature. Additionally, they do not cause allergic or other negative reactions if people get in contact with the surfaces they have been applied on.

Our Towels Serve Better Both You and Mother Earth

DetailXPerts’ professional technicians wipe down surfaces with microfiber towels only. On one hand, these are proven to be more effective at removing bacteria in comparison with regular cloths (99% to only 30%, respectively, as this study shows). On the other hand, their production excludes the use of pesticides, opposite of cotton cloths’ production case. To top it off, the dyeing process for the majority of microfiber materials does not contaminate enormous quantities of water, unlike the one for cotton.

Our professional steam cleaning services are suitable not only for banks, but for financial institutions of all kinds. Contact us right away to discuss your individual case and requirements.