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Church Cleaning Services

Gallup reports that about 34% of American population attended a religious institution every week or almost every week in 2017. This percentage translates to about more than 110.5 million people. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics adds more than 450,000 individuals who are employed as religious workers, including clergy, directors of religious activities and education, and others. This sums up to almost 111 million people going in and out of a church or another religious facility on a regular basis, spreading pollutants and microbes. And isn’t religion about cleanliness? Our professional church cleaning services answer this question unconditionally.

Why DetailXPerts' Church Cleaning Services?

Cleanliness of the body and soul is of utmost importance in any religion. Thus, the cleanliness of the religious facility one has chosen to attend should be as well. Not only does it set an honorable example, but it also guarantees the congregation’s comfort and well-being. Regardless of whether your institution relies on in-house or outsourced cleaning services, in the majority of cases the supplies include a broom, mop, rag, and feather duster. These traditional instruments may seem to bring some satisfactory results at first glance. However, the truth is that they leave out a good portion of microscopic dirt and have almost no effect on bacteria. Unless chemical-based cleaning products are applied, which, in turn, may result in allergies and negative impact on people’s health.

DetailXPerts’ steam approach introduces a whole new level of cleanliness. Our patent-pending technology eliminates even the tiniest impurity and up to 99% of harmful microorganisms. The power of hot water vapor guarantees nothing less than excellent purity. The best thing about it? It can be applied to almost every type of surface you can think of without harming the finish. Or the environment, for that matter. Steam is 100% safe for nature, uses just a minimal amount of water (did you know we can steam detail a regular-sized car inside and out with only a pint?), and leaves no chemical run-off.

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Other Advantages of DetailXPerts' Church Cleaning Services

To sum up the advantages, DetailXPerts’ steam cleaning process is super effective on both dirt and bacteria, keeping your church or other religious facilities clean and the environment green. The advantages do not end here:

It Saves Water

The process uses very small amounts of water, thus contributing to the protection of this precious natural resource.

It Uses Green Products Only

The substances we use to perform our professional church cleaning services are eco-friendly, too. They are biodegradable and do not contaminate the environment. Additionally, they present no danger to people’s health.

It Is Executed with Microfiber Towels

DetailXPerts’ technicians will execute their flawless work using microfiber towels for two major reasons. One, this type of fiber is 3 times more efficient wiping away microorganisms than regular cloth (as this study suggests). And two, the production and coloring is far more eco-friendly than cotton cloth (no pesticides and water contamination involved in the former).

Contact us today to inquire about our professional steam-based church cleaning services. We’ll be happy to discuss your individual case and requirements regardless of what type of religious facility they refer to.