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Condo Cleaning Services / Tenancy Cleaning Services

As a property owner or manager you may often find yourself in the delicate position of selecting a trustworthy, reputable company to perform high-quality cleaning services for the estate that you are in charge of. The process may be quite frustrating at times because you need to assess several factors including, but not limited to, affordability, quality of service, dependability, and consistency. Regardless of the type of property – a condominium, a shared ownership resort, a commercial real estate, or other – you need to ensure that all the factors are in place in order to please your tenants. For condo cleaning services or tenancy cleaning services, you can rely on DetailXPerts.

Why DetailXPerts’ Condo Cleaning Services / Tenancy Cleaning Services?

When your property needs proper cleaning, there’s no doubt that you want it done in a timely, professional manner. And professionalism, as we see it, does not start and end with simple trash disposal, floor vacuuming and wiping, or dust removal. It encompasses other elements, too. Like using the right materials and equipment to achieve the best possible results. Or like delivering cleanliness that goes beyond brilliant results and brings safety to inhabitants.

This is exactly what DetailXPerts does with our unique patent-pending steam technology. Our process is so powerful, that it not only eliminates all types of dirt but also removes stains and spots from different types of surfaces. While doing so, it does not affect the surface finish but only refreshes and enhances it. The best part? Our steam cleaning method guarantees to eliminate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria, leaving the premises fresh-smelling and hygienic like never before. Your tenants will thank you for taking care of their well-being.

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Other Advantages of DetailXPerts’ Condo Cleaning Services / Tenancy Cleaning Services

DetailXPerts’ condo cleaning services and tenancy cleaning services have even more advantages to offer:

They Help the Environment

Because we only use a small amount of water to produce large volumes of steam to clean, we help nature preserve one of its most precious resources. With our process, there’s no chemical residue, either.

They Use Green Products

We help nature not only by preserving water but also by utilizing eco-friendly products and materials. They are biodegradable and do not contaminate air, soil, or other environmental elements. What’s more, they do not threaten people’s health, either, unlike harsh chemicals that can lead to allergies or more severe reactions.

They Utilize Microfiber Towels

You might wonder why this makes any difference, so let us explain. Microfiber towels are proven to be 3 times more effective at wiping away microorganisms than other fabrics. Thus, we amplify the effect of steam on harmful germs. Also, there’s no water contamination or use of pesticides involved in the microfiber’s production process, which is not the case with cotton cloths. This is yet another way in which our condo cleaning services and tenancy cleaning services support environmental sustainability.

If you are interested in DetailXPerts’ professional steam cleaning services for real estate, do not hesitate to call us immediately. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and work out a solution together.