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Lab Cleaning Services

Laboratories are very sterile facilities which require extreme levels of caution when it comes to maintaining their cleanliness and functionality. They are subject to particular regulations and safety instructions. Additionally, the highly-specialized equipment and sensitive technology calls for exclusive care and attention. In some cases the lab technicians are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their working space, especially when dealing with dangerous chemicals or biological material. The general cleaning staff still handles everyday sweeping and dust removal from areas with unrestricted access. However, these areas need regular deep cleaning, too. DetailXPerts’ lab cleaning services can help your laboratory get the best results needed.

Why DetailXPerts’ Lab Cleaning Services?

Whether your laboratory is sterile or non-sterile, we can provide a variety of cleaning services from daily maintenance to periodic, specialized deep cleans. Our professionally trained technicians are fully equipped to meet your individual requirements. We serve analytical and quality laboratories, biosafety labs, cleanrooms, clinical and medical laboratories, incubators, production labs, and R&D departments.

DetailXPerts uses our patent-pending steam technology to deliver superior lab cleaning services. Our equipment is a perfect fit for your lab’s cleaning needs. The vapor it produces is unstoppable against ordinary or deep-seated dirt. It steams away impurities and stains and leaves surfaces clean and shiny like new. At the same time, it does not affect the finish which makes it the #1 choice for establishments operating delicate apparatuses like laboratories.

Additionally, our powerful steam process successfully eliminates up to 99% of any type of harmful microorganisms that may lurk in your facility. This is especially important for labs handling any type of biological material that face risks of accidents.

It's Not Cleaned If It's Not Steamed!

Other Advantages of DetailXPerts’ Lab Cleaning Services

They Are Environmentally-friendly

By turning small amounts of water into steam and utilizing it to clean vast areas, we save tons of this precious natural resource. Furthermore, we only use green, biodegradable cleaning agents.

There Is No Run-off

With our process, we apply steam directly to the surface and wipe it away immediately. Therefore, there is absolutely no water run-off to create a mess in your lab. In addition, there is no chemical run-off, either. This is yet another way in which we contribute to keeping our environment clean and safe.

We Use Microfiber Towels

Wondering why this makes any difference? Microfiber towels have been tested and proven to be much more efficient at eliminating viruses and bacteria than regular cloths. Specifically, studies claim that microfiber products reduce bacteria by 99% while the use of conventional tools leads to only 30% reduction. To top it off, microfiber towels’ production and coloring processes are more benevolent to nature than those of cotton cloth, because they do not involve water contamination or the application of pesticides.

Ready to contact us to discuss your lab cleaning services requirements? We’ll be happy to hear from you and tailor a program to meet your individual needs and budget.