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DetailXPerts of Northeast Wisconsin is a mobile fleet wash, truck wash, boat detailing and car detailer rolled into one. We aim to provide the best exterior and interior detailing this side of Wisconsin.

Who We Are

We are a franchisee of DetailXPerts, the world's first car and truck wash franchise that uses steam for cleaning vehicles. Like our fellow franchisees across the nation and elsewhere in the globe, DetailXPerts of Northeast Wisconsin replicates the company's unique steam cleaning methodology which provides excellent exterior and detailing services while protecting valuable natural resources. This innovation has put our name at the forefront of automotive franchises and green industries.

Our Promise, Your Gain

To many, the use of salt for de-icing roads is a life saver; but studies prove otherwise. Road salt may be stopping our vehicles from sliding on slippery, snowy roads, but its effects on drinking water and marine life are quite alarming.


Not to mention that prolonged exposure to road salt can damage tires and wreak havoc with the metal parts of your vehicle. This can lead to premature rusting that will require expensive body repairs.


This is where we come in. We may not be able to stop de-icing, but we can save your vehicle and the environment from the damages brought about by the process.


Our patent-pending steam cleaners have enough power to dissolve salt, dirt and grime, no matter how long these contaminants have been stuck in your vehicle. Will steam damage your paint or engine? No, it won't. That's because we have trained our technician on the proper handling and operation of our steam cleaners.


We promise to give your vehicle the care it deserves so you can keep on driving safely and securely while others admire its showroom-shiny appearance, even from afar.

Our Goal

Clean, beautiful vehicles in a green and safe environment - that's what we at DetailXPerts of Northeast Wisconsin hope to achieve. We'll clean trucks, motorcycles, cars, boats, and tanks using DetailXPerts unique, foolproof, no nonsense formula:


Innovative technology + efficient water usage +high quality organic cleaning materials = Guilt-free, showroom-shiny vehicles that you can be proud to drive wherever and whenever!


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Address 1235 S Kimp's Ct #23, Green Bay, WI 54313, United States