Hand Car Wash: Its Benefits to Greater Richmond Vehicle Owners

Did you know that hand car wash can provide Virginians like you with numerous benefits?

Hand car wash, to many, is a time-consuming, effort-exerting, water-wasting activity. This is why more and more people seek the services of automated car washes. All they need to do is drive their cars in, wait until the giant brushes or lasers finish cleaning their vehicles.

But did you know that hand car wash can provide Virginians like you with numerous benefits?

The Benefits of Hand Car Wash

It gives your vehicle cleanliness that lasts longer

A hand car wash service that uses steam for cleaning removes all types of contaminants from the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Steam can penetrate nooks and crannies that no human hand can ever reach. No contaminants means your beloved possession stays cleaner longer.

It protects vehicle paint

Virginia is blessed with a wonderful climate with four diverse seasons – along with natural elements that can wreak havoc with a vehicle’s paint. Winter road salt can cause premature rusting;  spring pollen and bugs can lead to paint etching; while summer sun and humidity can cause irreversible paint damages. All these can be removed efficiently by a handcar wash service that uses steam. And if you want added protection, ask them to wax and polish your vehicle. What a great way to protect your ride from season to season!

It keeps you and your loved ones safe and healthy

Got kids who love to eat inside your ride? Or pets that leave soil, waste or fur behind? Then harmful microorganisms like E.colimight be thriving in the deepest recesses of your vehicle without you knowing it. A hand car wash service that uses steam can kill all types of microorganisms upon contact, leaving you with a vehicle interior that’s ultra safe and clean. That spells health for you and your loved ones.

It’s cost-efficient

Initially, you might find hand car wash expensive, especially if you go for specialty professional detailing services like pet hair removal or tire detailing. But because it will safeguard your vehicle from the elements that cause premature damage, you won’t need costly body repairs or replace your current vehicle with a new one for years to come.

It helps prevent premature vehicle deterioration

A lot of people think that when a car shines beautifully, everything is okay – until damage begins to be noticeable. Small paint chips, swirls and minor car scratches often go unnoticed. Time, nature’s elements and repeated abuse from the giant mops and brushes of automated car washes aggravate the damages, necessitating expensive body repairs later on.

Not with hand car wash service. Detail experts are trained to detect minor damages and suggest preventive measures to extend the life of your vehicle.

Hand car wash, indeed, has multiple benefits for you and your vehicle. It can keep your ride cleaner longer, protect its paint, prevent you and your loved ones from contacting serious ailments, save you some cash and extend the durability of your prized possession.

Schedule an appointment with a detail expert in your area today and start enjoying the benefits that only a hand car wash service can provide.


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