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When you have your boat professionally detailed in one of our auto detail shops or by one of our mobile detailing units, its value increases significantly. It looks brand new every time it gets cleaned by our green team representatives. And since you have a boat, you most probably love the sea and the nature, right? You should know that our steam cleaning methods help you actively save water natural resources and protect the environment. All of our wipe cloths and products are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly! We offer dockside both interior & exterior steam cleaning services.




Boat Exterior Steam CleaningBoat Exterior Steam Cleaning:


To preserve and protect your boat, steam clean the exterior weekly. We clean your boat without stripping your boat’s wax coating.






Boat Interior Steam CleaningBoat Interior Steam Cleaning:


For a healthy and safe sail, sanitize and sterilize your boat’s interior cabin. Interior steam cleaning includes: cabin, flooring, bulkhead, headliner, cushions and upholstery. We perform eco cleaning & removal of scuff marks, bird stains, mold & mildew and rust.





Boat Specialty ServicesBoat Specialty Services:


Get your canvas steam cleaned today. Other specialty services include: Captain’s chairs and deck seating steam cleaning and dressing; removal hard & salt water build-up from your windows; chrome and stainless steel polish; and vinyl & leather steam cleaning.




Boat Exterior Hand WashBoat Exterior Hand Wash:


Does your boat exterior look dull? Get a full boat exterior steam cleaning, then one coat of premium boat wax. Waxing protects your boat finish.

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