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What drives you to your favorite car wash? Quality detailing? Reasonable prices? Water savings?


DetailXPerts of The Woodlands Texas gives you all three and more! Our car detailing services use a unique steam cleaning technology that guarantees to give your vehicle the superior care it deserves, inside and out, from top to bottom.


And because we only use a minimum amount of water and organic products for cleaning cars, trucks and other vehicles, you'll be comfortable with the knowledge that your desire to clean your ride keeps the environment clean too. Not to mention that you'll be helping The Woodlands save a great deal of water in the process.


Yes, we've taken detailing to a different level! Try our services and experience what a DetailXPerts clean is all about.


We offer:

Interior Detailing

If it's quality detailing you're after, look no further. Our steam cleaners can reach the deepest recesses of your car's interior, giving you a vehicle that not only looks squeaking clean, but safe and fresh-smelling too.

Car Detailing Services

Do you know why some cars don't stay shiny longer? It's because of the use of soap. Soap residues attract dust and other contaminants. You don't use soap for your hair so why use it for your car? So if you want a car that gleams and shines longer, try our car detailing services. Rest assured that we don't use soap or anything that can mar the beauty of your beloved possession.

Hand Car Wash

For ultimate vehicle cleanliness, try our hand car wash service. No dust, dirt and grime can ever escape the hands of our highly-skilled and experienced technicians.

Mobile Truck Washing

Got a truck? Too busy to clean it yourself? Just call us and we'll be there, ready to give your truck a different level of cleanliness. Need to clean your trailer? No worries, we do trailer washout too.

Fleet Cleaning

Owning a fleet of vehicles can be troublesome for some people. A fleet requires healthy and reliable drivers, regular maintenance and cleaning. We want to make your job easier and help you generate some serious income by keeping your vehicles clean. How? Clean and shiny vehicles attract more customers, while clean, sanitized interiors keep your drivers and passengers away from harmful germs and bacteria. And yes, we offer discounts for regular fleet cleaning, too.


Come and experience quality detailing. Schedule an appointment today at 281-760-4141!


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Address 10800 Gosling Rd #133241, The Woodlands, TX 77393, United States
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