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How Often Should Car Wax Buffer Pads Be Replaced?

How Often Should Car Wax Buffer Pads Be Replaced There are many people who might have been using cars for years but they may not have heard about car wax buffer pads. This component is actually a kind of tool that is made use of in cars to wax the car so that the vehicle looks to be in top-notch condition and brand new. The purpose of making use of the wax buffer pads is to ensure that the car has a professional look even after prolonged use. Most of the people do not do car waxing at home and instead, send it to the mobile auto detailers for that brand new appearance. If you can dedicate a little amount of time and efforts for this purpose, you can create that professional look for your car, right from your home. This buffer is not only important to create the great look on cars but it can also help you to act as a protection for the car’s paint and the finish.

How to Use a Car Wax Buffer

  1. Washing the Car: Firstly, make sure that the surface is prepared for carrying out the car waxing activity. Start by giving a good wash to your car. If you have had your car waxed before, you must want to remove off any residue on it. Make sure that you go in for soap with a wax remover formula in it. Always use products that have specifically been created for cars. Now, rinse the car and wash the car by yourself. There are some types of car washes that can make it difficult for you to use the car wax buffer, so read labels carefully before proceeding.
  2. Applying Car Wax: Start with a little amount of car wax and rub it onto the car. Lightly moisten the wax using a sponge. Dip the sponge in a little amount of wax and slowly, apply the wax on the exterior part of the car. After this is done, you can take the applicator on to the buffer pad and use the buffer to apply the wax uniformly on the car’s exterior surface. You can also slowly guide the buffer using your hands.

How Often You Should Change Your Car Wax Buffer Pads

Car wax buffer pads last depending on how you take care of them and use them. If you buff your car like once in every few weeks, then you may be able to use the buffer pads only for a few months. If you are the kind of person who buffs the car just once or twice every year, then you can use your buffer pads for two to three years straight. When you use your pads make sure that they serve their purpose which is to apply the wax or provide the finish as per your liking. If they do not do this, then it is time to change them.

Most of the people use the help of professional detailers for car waxing but by using just a little time and efforts, you can achieve the same look from your home.

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