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Top 5 Environmentally-friendly Cleaning Products for your Car

Top 5 environmentally-friendly cleaning products for your car Joining the ‘Go Green’ bandwagon is a great step towards saving the environment but sometimes you may find it difficult to find environmentally-friendly car cleaning products. This kind of products will work really well for your environment as well as your car so let us find out the top five eco-friendly car care products that you can make use of.

Eco-Friendly Products

  1. Simple Green Car Wash: This is a great eco-friendly product that is manufactured by Simple Green and the best attributes of this car care product is that it is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-flammable and VOC complaint. This organic car cleaning product has been known to be a good one for cleaning the car’s exterior. It can easily remove the hard and tough stains and it will not harm the finish of the car. Most of the auto detailing shops usually make use of synthetic cleaners that are made up of harsh chemicals which definitely disturb the peaceful harmony of the environment.
  2. Green Stuff Wax Polish: If you are looking for an eco-friendly product that can be used for waxing and polishing needs, then this is the right one to use. It is available in the form of concentrate and waxing. Using this product will make the wax polish last for at least 6 months.
  3. No Rinse Wash and Shine: This product has been referred to as one of the finest breakthroughs in the domain of green car products. This product will help you to restrict your water usage while washing your car to just one or two gallons of water. There is no need to rinse your vehicle while washing and there are no harmful chemicals in the product.
  4. Eco Microfiber Towels: This towel is perfect for the job as an eco-friendly towel and as it is chemical free, it cannot harm the environment. This towel seems to be perfect when used for the car paint.
  5. Eco Touch Dashboard Protect: If you are looking for a great product that can be used to protect the dashboard, then this product is the perfect one. It is scented and when you use it along with a microfiber towel, the original shine of the dashboard comes back.

It would be a wise decision to be the part of the ‘Go Green’ bandwagon as you can save the environment in this manner. In order to understand more about eco-friendly car care products, you can schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts.

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