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Steam Cleaning Engines : Advantages and Disadvantages

Steam Cleaning Engines : Advantages and DisadvantagesPeople always debate whether steam cleaning engines is a necessary part of car maintenance. As a leader in this process, we always say that it is necessary, but not mandatory. We inform our customers of its advantages and disadvantages, but the decision to use or not to use this service is up to them.

What are its advantages and disadvantages? Read on and find out.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning Engines

  1. Safety. Steam cleaning significantly reduces the incidence of accidents brought about by engine fire.
  2. Longevity. It can extend the overall life of the car engine. A clean and well-maintained engine is safe from rusting and clogging which may affect and reduce the performance and longevity of an engine.
  3. Early detection. Through this process, the source of any type of fluid leaks can be identified. Most engine fires are attributed to unidentified leaks which could have been prevented through early detection. But how could the leaks be detected if the engine is covered with mud and grime?
  4. Beauty. It can improve the engine’s appearance and increase its resale value. Some people believe that cleaning a car’s engine is an attempt to mask its defects. We think otherwise. A clean car engine sends this message: this car is well-maintained, loved and protected, so it will be beautiful and functional for a longer period of time.

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning Engines

  1. Electric Control Systems: Improperly done, steam cleaning can damage the electronic engine controls. This is why sufficient knowledge on how to perform engine steam cleaning is highly recommended.
  2. Ignition System: A car’s ignition system is composed of ignition coils, cables and the spark plugs. All these components are sensitive to water. If these components get damaged during steam cleaning, a car’s functionality and longevity may be affected. Not to mention that you will need to spend money for replacing the system.
  3. Air-Intake System: An automobile air intake system has three main parts: air filter, mass flow sensor, and throttle body. This system is generally resistant to steam cleaning. However, improper use of high-pressure steam can disconnect ductwork. If this happens, water can get to the engine thereby affecting its performance.

Steam cleaning a car’s engine has its own set of pros and cons. Among the pros are: safety, longevity, early detection and beauty. The downside is that it mght affect the different systems that are essential to a car’s functionality and longevity.

If you would like to have your car’s engine steam cleaned but have doubts regarding performing engine steam cleaning by yourself, it would be best to ask your professional detailer for help. You can also consider booking an appointment with us if you would like to steam clean on your car engine.

11 Responses to “Steam Cleaning Engines : Advantages and Disadvantages”

  1. Jim Grossman says:

    What do you charge to steam clean a 2006 Sunaru Impreza engine? How do you protect the electrical? Where do you do this service and when can u do it?

  2. […] When it comes to truck cleaning and detailing, the engine is perhaps the most neglected component. But if you need your truck to function at its best, a gunk, oil and grime free engine is a necessity. Steam cleaning the truck engine has both pros and cons, and for certain engine types, steam cleaning is not an option. Therefore before deciding on whether to use this method or not, let’s weigh the pros and cons. […]

  3. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks for dropping by. Here’s our response to your queries:
    What do we charge: How we wish you have attached a photo of your engine so we can give you a proper assessment. We charge according to a variety of factors, such as the ones listed here:,
    How we protect the electrical:
    We are mobile so we can do engine detailing anytime, anywhere. The only thing that may stop us from doing so is if your location is not covered by any of our franchisees.

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  5. Sal Pedi says:

    My 2004 Honda CRV is is great shape with only about 50,000 miles on it.
    I clean the engine myself and not with steam. I first spray the engine when its “hot” with some engine cleaner. I then use a brush to scrub it. Then I simply hose it down and its all done. On occasion, I do use a “silicone” spray to give it some “shine”, and I”m all done!..And,let me tell you, just looking at that clean and shiny engine does give me a kick!…I would also advise anyone wanting to sell their car to clean the hell out of that engine. It would surely
    be a terrific way to sell a car.So, “Don’t ever sell your car with a dirty engine!”..
    As for my “gorgeous like new Honda with only “eleven” thousand miles on it, I’ll NEVER EVER sell it!..I’m eighty-four years old and have instructed my “heirs” to have me buried in my car, although the grave has got to be “huge, huge, huge!”..

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  8. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Sal Pedi,

    Wow! You must really love your car. Like you, seeing clean engines give us a kick. How about sharing some pictures of your beloved car?

  9. […] A & B. There are distinct advantages of using steam to clean the engine. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it can also extend the engine life and improve its […]

  10. hasan says:

    today i washed my car as well as complete under hood with pressure water ,car washer did not cover any engine part after washed i started the car but just crank not start washer opened the hood of car and clean distribution plastic cap after start my car when i drove car i observed that car exelator power up down and various noises what reason not come sound in normally during feel painfully with the noises the sound and just parked the car kindly guide me

  11. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Hasan,

    Please visit this link: It lists down different car noises. Check out which type of noise is coming from your car.


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