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Top 10 Green Products for Car Cleaning

Going green with car cleaning productsThe promotion of sustainable cleaning products is riding high on manufacturers’ agendas but consumers are savvy when it comes to choosing their top 10 green products. They have their green values and will switch brands if they feel one product resonates better with their criteria.

Recyclable and other eco-friendly products often cost a bit more but they get the job done with less and are less harsh on you, your family and our environment.

For our top 10 green products list, we have picked two green products each from a mix of 5 well-known and less well-known brands in the market.

Simple Green Wash & Wax

As its name suggests, this is a two in one product that cuts through the grime on your auto surfaces. It is blended with natural carnauba wax which leaves behind a protective polished layer. It is contains no harmful chemicals such as ammonia and bleach and can be used on various surfaces such as paint, clear coat, glass, metal, chrome, rubber and vinyl.

Extreme Simple Green Motorsports Cleaner & Degreaser

For the motorcycle and dirt bike enthusiast in you, a much stronger cleaner is needed to remove the aggressive grease often found on these high performance vehicles. This extreme product was originally developed to safely clean high end aircraft exteriors and engine surfaces in the aircraft industry. It can be used on all sorts of high tech alloys such as aluminum, chrome and titanium that are also found on watercrafts, RVs, ATVs, and sports cars.

Natureshield All-Purpose Cleaner

When it comes to car cleaning and detailing, it’s ideal to have a cleaner that caters to more than one type of surface on your top 10 green products. Natureshield’s non-petroleum based, biodegradable and organic All-Purpose Cleaner might be your solution if you are in the market for a safe and powerful cleaner that removes stains and soiling from hard surfaces like vinyl, upholstery and carpet.

Natureshield Leather & Vinyl Protector

After cleaning up the mess, a proper interior care job should include a treatment that protects your vehicle’s leather and vinyl surfaces on seats, door handles, dashboard from UV rays that can cause fading and cracking. This organic solution contains a permanent conditioner that gives your car interiors a soft factory finish feel.

(Eco Green Auto Clean) Freedom Carpet Clean

Freedom Carpet Clean is a water-based eco-friendly product that gets stains and dirt out of your carpets in minutes. As a waterless car wash product, it requires you to just spray, soak and wipe off. This is a handy must-have in your top 10 green products list especially for occasions when you are rushed for time but have to get the carpet spick and span.

(Eco Green Auto Clean) Freedom Quick Wax

Freedom Quick Wax is an eco-friendly product made with organic polymers that can be applied without the use of rubber gloves. It is used to breathe life into your lackluster paint surfaces to give it a showroom deep shine that one commonly associates with paste waxes.

Ecotouch Waterless Car Wash RTU

For a waterless spray on, wipe off cleaner, this Waterless Car Wash is the way to go. It involves no water whatsoever as 1) its biodegradable formula breaks down surface dirt and contaminants with its plant-based surfactants and 2) the spotless surface is given a protected finish by the polymer emulsion it contains.

This is especially ideal for your top 10 green products if you live in an apartment and do not have easy access to a tap and hose for cleaning your car.

Ecotouch Wheel Cleaner

For your brake-dust filled, greasy wheels, the EcoTouch Wheel Cleaner offers a quick and effective solution for shiny wheels. It is made from “readily biodegradable surfactants” that requires you to just spray on your cooled down wheels, leave for 30 seconds and finish with a wipe clean.

Greenworks Oxi Stain RemoverTop 10 Green Products for Car Cleaning

For convenient to source cleaning products, Greenworks offers a detergent, fragrance, and harsh residue. This free stain remover fights tough stains from coffee, chocolate, juices and other food spills on your automobile carpets.

Greenworks Glass Surface Cleaner

Greenworks Glass Surface Cleaner is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients. As such, it will not irritate your eyes, nose and throat while you clean and brighten up your car window shield, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Their many plusses have earned them the final spot in our top 10 green products list.

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