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How Profitable Is a Mobile Car Detailing Franchise?

How Profitable Is a Mobile Car Detailing FranchiseThe mobile car detailing franchise is on the rise in response to the growing number of people who would like to maintain the beauty and functionality of their cars but do not have the time to take them to full service car washes. This makes you, the entrepreneur, wonder if such a franchise is really as profitable as it seems. How much money can you make? Is it possible to succeed?

Mobile Car Detailing Franchise: How profitable is it?

A bigger slice of the market share

America is one of the countries in the world where people love and have the means to own cars. Some of these car owners see their cars as reliable means of transportation while others treat them like an extended part of their families. Unfortunately, not everyone of these car owners have the time nor the effort to maintain the beauty of their prized possessions. Some of them may even be too busy to take their cars to full service car washes. Here is where you, the mobile car detailing franchise owner comes into the picture – by providing these people with the services they need at a price that can benefit you both.

You can start out small

With a mobile car detailing franchise, you can start with only $68,000; that is just a quarter of what you need to spend on a traditional car wash which can cost you anywhere from $250,000 upwards, depending on the size and number of buildings you wish to put up and the condition of tools and equipment (new or used) you want to use. The first includes a tried and tested business plan and an established marketing strategy while the second requires you to do everything on your own – from the ground up.

Ride the tide of innovation

In the business world, anything new that has a potential to go beyond the “fad stage” is good. The mobile car detailing franchise may be out of the infancy stage, but it is still something new. Some people are actually amazed when they find out that they can have their cars detailed as they work in their offices or shop in the mall – especially if you use technology to your advantage, like DetailXPerts’ patent-pending steam cleaning method. Be prepared for comments like “Where did all the dirt go?”” or “How did you do that?” as customers watch their cars being detailed with just a small amount of water but with remarkable results.

You can enjoy the outdoors

You can say goodbye to your boring 9 to 5 job in that stuffy small office of yours when you have a mobile auto detailing franchise. You can inhale a lot of fresh air, enjoy beautiful sceneries and get to touch cars that you might have been dreaming of all your life – Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini – on a daily basis. How cool can life be?

Unlimited opportunites to earn

Unlike 9 to 5 jobs, a mobile car detailing franchise allows you to work whenever you want for as long as you want. You can detail as many cars as your body permits you to. Imagine if you can detail an average of four cars a day for $150 each. That gives you a gross income of $600 daily or $18,000 a month for a single-unit alone. Now think of how much money you can make if you owned four more of those units – an additional $72,000 gross monthly income!

Easier to expand

Why is it easier to expand? It is because you have the opportunity to earn a lot of cash from a shoestring budget. Done right, you can save and buy a multi-unit mobile car detailing franchise or a related business venture.

You can be part of a strong network

As stated earlier, with a mobile car detailing franchise, you can have the benefits of having a sound business plan and an effective marketing strategy. This includes training for you and your employees, support and guidance from day one and a myriad of other important business advice from the experts.

Would you like to gain more insight about the mobile car detailing franchise? Please feel free to check out DetailXPerts’ franchise blog. You can have access to a variety of information that may answer your inquiries.

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One Response to “How Profitable Is a Mobile Car Detailing Franchise?”

  1. George says:

    I own two self-serve car washes in Oklahoma City. I also have a start-up business of detailing motorcycles. The information I just read says nothing about regional weather. Four details a day would require a lot of advertising exposure to attract customers and create a base of people committed to repeat business every three months. There is no mention of the day you break even! Even a minimum investment of $65,000 takes 433.3 units detailed without attention to soft costs. How long would it take to build a customer base when your detailing season is affected by weather? We had 21 days of rain in June this year. I am not being negative as I am entering the world of detailing and my customer base is growing, but you won’t do four details a day when it’s raining. Don’t forget the 10 days a wash will stand still waiting for the snow to melt. That 10 days equates to 40 details lost and then the backlog hits when the sun returns. I have worked 14 hours a day for 5 days straight after a good weather event. South of us today 7/17/14, Sanger, Texas had 9 inches of rain! I35 is closed to Dallas! Car Washes are under water! As for motorcycles in Oklahoma, we are considered a state that you can ride 12 months out of the year. Maybe so, but wind at 20 mph in your face at 60mph produces quite a wind chill! Most bikes live in the garage a good part of this time of year and they are not getting dirty! I am committed to my services as it is paying for my daughter’s college education. Negative attitude has no place in a business we speak of! Thanks for your time in reading this.
    Later, “Old George”


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