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Cheap Car Wash: Should You or Shouldn’t You Use It?

Cheap Car Wash: Should You or Shouldn't You Use It?

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You have probably used a cheap car wash in the past, for a quick pick-me-up or when you cannot wash your vehicle by yourself. On the one hand, you are undoubtedly saving money by going to a cheap car wash, but on the other, are they really getting the job done? Let’s look into the pros and cons of using a cheap car wash.

You Should Use A Cheap Car Wash Because…

  1. They are quick and convenient. It will take just five to ten minutes out of your busy schedule to drive through a cheap car wash. Hand washing, even for a professional, usually takes at least 20 minutes, and that is just the wash. This doesn’t include the time needed to do additional services such as claying, polishing, waxing and buffing which can take an additional hour or two.
  2. They are usually inexpensive. For about $2.50, you can feel better knowing your vehicle has had a quick wash and is cleaner than when you arrived.
  3. For an additional charge, most cheap car washes will spray wash your undercarriage for you, which is near impossible to do yourself, even if you take your time.
  4. It saves you money. The money you would spend purchasing detergents, buckets, brushes, sponges and the use of water is more than your average car wash.
  5. It saves you time in drying. Most cheap car washes use forced air making it far easier to dry your car than using a microfiber or other type of hand towel.

You Shouldn’t Use A Cheap Car Wash Because…

  1. Automatic car washes cannot clean a vehicle properly. Even with advanced technology of the touchless car washes, the lack of contact with your vehicle makes it easy to miss many nooks and crannies on your vehicle, and sometimes entire sections if the car washes’ program isn’t aligned to your vehicle.
  2. You can end up with water spotting and even paint scratch your vehicle from a cheap car wash that uses brushes or similar technology.
  3. Washing is only the first step in keeping your vehicle looking its best. There is still claying, polishing, waxing and buffing left after the wash. This will ensure that all contaminants are removed and lustre is returned to your vehicle leaving it shiny and protected against the elements. Although some cheap car washes do offer waxing as part of their services, they tend to leave a lot to be desired when all is said and done.
  4. They often cannot handle more expensive cars or custom wheels and can cause damage to the higher end vehicles and custom wheels.
  5. It is better to use alternate services from a higher end car wash because, in the long run, it saves you time and money.

Whether you love them or hate them, a cheap car wash can get you through in a pinch. But, there is nothing like getting a full service car wash at DetailXPerts where their friendly staff can make sure your vehicle is serviced right at a fair price.

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