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Removing Car Scratches: What Is the Best Method?

Removing Car Scratches: What Is the Best Method?

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Removing car scratches by oneself can be a tricky and challenging job, but DIY auto detailing products have made this job easier. There are three scratch removal methods which can restore your car’s paint for under $20: wet sanding, car scratch removal kits and car scratch repair pens. Out of all these methods, which method and/or product is the most suitable when it comes to handling a delicate feature such as the paint? Let’s evaluate each method to find out.

Removing car scratches by wet sanding

Wet sanding is the method of using sand paper and water to shave off a layer of the clear coat of the paint to even out the scratch. This is usually done using 3000 grit sand paper. Wet sanding is a very risky method when it comes to removing car scratches because you should have a good knowledge of how far you should peel the clear coat. Improperly done, you can sand right through the primer and expose the metal body.

Wet sanding is usually used to repair deep car scratches, those that have gone beyond the clear coat. Because of its delicate nature, this is a method best handled by professionals. Many car owners will be reluctant to take their cars to a professional service for deep scratch repair because of the cost concerns, but keep in mind that they have the skills and the best resources to do the job.

Car scratch repair kits

Car scratch repair kits are extremely popular among vehicle owners due to them being a quick and easy fix for clear coat scratches. They contain a rubbing compound that successfully hides scratches and swirls, e.g. Nu Finish Scratch Doctor. A repair kit such as QUIXX High Performance Scratch Remover is equipped with rubbing compound, polishing cloths and sand paper, to remove both surface and deep scratches.

These kits are suitable for removing car scratches, both DIY and professional, because there is  no risk of damage unlike wet sanding. They don’t require a lot of skill and knowledge. As long as you follow the instructions, an effective scratch repair kit will deliver the results it promises.

Car scratch repair pens

Car scratch repair pens are the newest addition to the list of commercial remedies available for scratch repair. They are “pens” or applicators filled with clear coat resin, which can be applied to cover a surface scratch. The area should be then buffed to make the repair less visible.

These pens have not been received well by car enthusiasts or professional detailing services. Their main criticism is that the pens fail to cover scratches neatly: A steady hand is needed to do a precise repair using these pens. Also, the tip of the applicator is often too large to neatly cover a scratch. The end result is a repair job that is more visible than the scratch itself.


According to this comparison, it is evident that for a DIY scratch repair job, the most suitable method/product is the car scratch repair kit, which will give effective results easily.

Removing car scratches at home has become less challenging as a result of the cheap remedies available in the market, but you should educate yourself on these methods before trying them out. Furthermore, it is important to have an understanding of car scratches in general.

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5 Responses to “Removing Car Scratches: What Is the Best Method?”

  1. […] lot of vehicle owners have been asking DetailXperts if car scratch removers really work. Yes, some of them do, especially the products that are known for their superior […]

  2. Sam Fisher says:

    A friend of mine had it car keyed last weekend and it’s quite similar to the picture you have posted above. Luckily for him, it didn’t cut through the paint and only the clearcoat. This is a huge deciding factor is how you go about repairing the scratch. I’ll have to show him the wet sanding method even though it is quite tricky to do. If he rejects my help, I’ll tell him to go to a body shop.

  3. […] Wash and dry your car thoroughly. Clean your car thoroughly before doing the scratch repair. Dirt in your car might cause more scratches. Also check the area that you will be repairing. […]

  4. Miguel A. Morales Jr. says:

    I just bought a silver sport Jeep Patriot and I was cleaning the Card hood with a dual sponge on one side and Brillo on the other and I rubbed a small circular motion on the Brillo side by mistake a left small scratches on the hood, the car has a high gloss shine but it shows. Do you know what home remedies I can use that you know of to take it out or at least blend it with the silver color so it does not show. Please help! Thank you. Miguel

  5. Liberty Baldovino says:

    Hi Miguel,
    Sorry that had to happen to your Jeep. Can you please send some photos to so we can properly assess the damage?


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