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Car Paint Problems: 5 Things You Should Know about Matte Painted Cars

Car Paint Problems: 5 Things You Should Know about Matte Painted Cars

Car Paint Problems: 5 Things You Should Know about Matte Painted Cars
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Gone are the days when every car owner sought to have his or her car paint shine and gleam. Today, matte finish (also known as flat finish) is a rising trend in the automotive world. Should you consider a matte painted car, it is very important to arm yourself with information. Below are five common car paint problems you most probably will run into if you choose matte finish.

Matte finish and car paint problems




  1. Paint defects will stand out – A single small scratch will stand out more on a matte surface than on a glossy one. And here’s a caveat that you must not ignore: scratches will be permanent because paint rejuvenation methods like wet sanding, polishing and waxing won’t work on a surface with matte finish. Moreover, it is very difficult to match the exact color shade, leading to an uneven surface. Hence, you only have two options: a complete expensive repaint or live with the scratch.
  2. Cleaning the paint – Because paint scratch repair on matte finish cars is neither easy nor cheap, every step should be taken to prevent scratching. This means staying away from automatic car washes with their abrasive brushes, chemical-laden car wash products and contaminated towels. The best option is to hand wash it yourself or to take it to a professional service. Also, it is very important that you use cleaning products specifically made for matte finish, which means staying away from dish soap and detergents and regular car wash products.
  3. Paint care – Paint care for matte finish is very different from the requirements of a gloss finish. The paint should not be polished or waxed because it will give the paint an unwanted shine. Because a clay bar cannot be used on this finish to remove surface contaminants, you need to use a matte paint cleanser. Regular microfiber towels are not suitable for this finish, and it is recommended that you use sheepskin mitts and cloths. To give the paint additional protection use a matte paint sealant like Permanon Super Matte Finish Protection. To top it off, use matte paint protection film.
  4. High cost – There is a reason why matte finishes are most often found on high end vehicles. Even matte paint cleaning products are more expensive compared to regular car care products. If you want to save thousands of dollars, there is the cheaper option of using vinyl wrap to achieve a dull appearance on the paint. And since this method will work on your current paint, there is no reason to pay for a complete repaint. Although you might be tempted to try this method at home, we strongly recommend against it, because this job is best handled by professionals.
  5.  No additional warranty – Manufacturers won’t give matte painted cars an additional warranty even if the paint is more delicate than a gloss paint job. Taking care of the paint, thus, is completely in your hands and will need more care and attention than a ‘regular’ car.

Because matte paint finish is very expensive and prone to car paint problems, many car owners won’t opt for it. But if you want your car to really stand out, for instance, at an auto show, then this finish is the ideal choice for you.

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