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DetailXPerts: Honoring Women

  • DetailXPerts: Honoring Women
    February 28, 2011



    Teacher, student, chef, wife and mother are just a few hats the woman in your life may wear. Wait, you are a female? Then you may wear these hats yourself on a daily basis. You have to be a strong and organized woman to make sure things are run smoothly in your everyday life. It was at one time a single day, March 8, then a week, but in 1987, March became Women’s History Month. While celebrating Women’s History Month, it became a holiday to honor not only women’s labor, but women’s role in the Revolution.

    There are many women throughout our history whose contributions changed the world we live in completely.

    Women trailblazers and pioneers have added to human knowledge and skills in every field, from the arts and humanities to aviation, sports, science, education and government. There are a few women in our history that should be recognized yearly for their contributions. We should celebrate civil rights legend Rosa Parks (1913-2005) for her breaking through. Over the years she become a very important citizen and has been called the “mother of the civil rights movement.” Rosa Parks is a living symbol of courage and determination and an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere. Mother Teresa (1910-1997) dedicated her life to helping the poor, the sick, and the dying around the world, particularly those in India. Together Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa showed women you can make a difference and have a choice with no limitations.

    Every woman in the world should feel they are special.  Women like to be appreciated in different ways.  A simple quiet night reading a book or receiving a dozen roses at work might be what makes you excited.

    DetailXPerts also celebrates Women History Month by a special offer: 25% off the price of Interior Steam Cleaning for every woman, valid March 1st-31st.

    This is a great opportunity to show the women in your life you care by approaching them with a DetailXPerts gift certificate. Whether you are African American or Caucasian women of all races have made an impact in our world.  Literally and figuratively, we would not be here without them. Make sure to honor the women in your life daily. Buy for your loved one or use yourself our special offer honoring women this month.

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