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Importance of Washing Your Car’s Windows

  • May 10, 2012

    importance of cleaning car windows Car windows are definitely an important component of your car and while washing your vehicle, you should not ignore the windows. Cleaning the windows is definitely a tedious task but it is a task which has to be done and cannot be avoided. Washing your car and car windows is a very relaxing experience by itself and you can certainly do it on your own without any professional help. However, if you look forward to preserve your car in its brand new condition, then it would be better to use the help of mobile auto detailers for washing your car.

    At times, while washing the car, we fail to give due importance in cleaning the car’s windows. This negligence can certainly cost us a lot in due time. Dirty windows definitely lead to safety issues as they can only lead to hazy vision and can cause glare while driving. Leading to your eyes to be strained and at the extreme level resulting in car crashes and accidents.

    It is the most important to clean the front windshield because it affects the way you drive. Especially if you are a smoker, it is important to clean this regularly, because there will be a thick haze that the smoke causes to develop on the inside and it can greatly impair your ability to see, both when the sun is shining directly on it, and when you are driving at night. Even if you don’t smoke without regular upkeep a film will still develop from factors such as exhaust, gas fumes, etc.

    Thus, clean car windows will definitely help to reduce glare and will also enhance your visibility while driving.

    Cleaning Car Windows the Right Way

    1. Start with a good quality glass cleaner and you can use an alcohol, mechanical or citric acid cleaner for this purpose.
    2. Avoid over spraying in the interior of your vehicle, by spraying the cleaner onto a paper towel.
    3. Start with the driver and passenger window. Clean them with the spray and then dry them using a paper towel.
    4. You should not ignore the window corners. Streaks and smears are mainly found in the window corners.
    5. Sit on the passenger seat and clean the inside of the windshield.
    6. Make sure to roll windows about two inches down. This way you can get to the very top of the glass.
    7. Back windows can be difficult but once you give your towel a good spray, simply drape the cloth across the back of your hand, instead of the inside of your hand.

    Cleaning car windows is definitely a mandatory aspect of keeping your car tidy and spotlessly clean. If your busy schedule does not give you time for car cleaning, you can take the help of professional detailing experts.

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