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From Car Wash to Mobile Detailing

  • From Car Wash to Mobile Detailing
    June 21, 2012

    TIME! One word simple answer – one simple explanation. When we were younger and had some bounce in our steps, the only concern was to ensure our vehicles retained its classy showroom shine for as long as possible. And who slaved under the hot sun, to make sure it was possible? You-Me-We did! As we get older not only is there no TIME in the daily schedule to wash our vehicle – our TIMELY body does not allow us to maneuver like we use to!

    Nowadays, owners and car care specialists alike are into developing comprehensive technologies that are meant to provide convenience and perfect clean at the same time, such as mobile detailing, waterless car wash, and steam cleaning. As automobiles become ever more technologically-advanced, different methods for their care and maintenance are also being developed.

    Brief Guide to Car Cleanliness

    The traditional garage-style car wash goes as far back as the very first wheeled vehicle—the horse-drawn carriage. Soapy water and a piece of washcloth were the preferred cleaning implements because they were the cheapest and handiest materials available. There were no mobile detail experts or conveyor belt car wash systems then, so most people made do with their own resources for cleaning their vehicles.

    However, with the introduction of more sophisticated vehicles, people also began looking for ways to ensure their vehicle’s cleanliness. Daily wear and tear can work against not just the appearance of a vehicle, but also its performance and functionality.

    Sometime in the 1800s, the creation of the very first animal fat-based wax was developed for horse-drawn carriages. Like the modern-day car wax, it was designed to protect the black lacquer paint that covered the carriages.

    Of course, when the motor car was eventually invented, the same standards for cleanliness and comfort were adopted by the vehicle owners. Today, there is a wide selection of brushes, cleaning cloths, shampoos, conditioners, waxes, paints, polishes, sprays, and other cleaning items that can make your car looking good in no time at all.

    Clean Yet Environmentally-Friendly

    The car care industry was born when car owners realized that their vehicles required more than just routine washing at home. This signaled the beginning of a long line of car care innovations, from coin-operated car wash systems right down to mobile detailing.

    Car care experts began to look for ways to really clean the car inside and out, engaging in preventive maintenance to ensure that the car will remain drivable for a long time.

    Most of the newer car cleaning methods available today are designed to provide thorough cleanliness and protection for both the car and the environment. A conventional car wash session at home means wasting as much as 40 gallons of water per car, plus expenses for the shampoo, conditioner, and wax.

    So instead of having your car serviced at the car wash shop or in your garage, you can just call in an appointment with a trusted mobile detailing expert who will check your vehicle and perform the necessary cleaning services to bring it back to tiptop condition. Some even perform steam car wash services that require only a liter or so of water.

    Whereas before you really had to go all the way to the automobile shop for your car care appointment, now you can just have the mobile detailing expert do his job wherever you may be. That’s certainly a huge improvement over the often messy and expensive car washes.

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