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How to Wax Your Vehicle Properly

  • How to Wax Your Vehicle Properly
    July 26, 2012

    Every auto owner must have the right knowledge to wax their vehicle properly. Ultimately, this helps maintain the resale value of the car, and preserve the exterior paint for a shiny surface.

    Waxing a vehicle is a skill which can be perfected through repetition. Learning how to wax your car helps to fill in the microscopic gaps that over time can be found on the car paint job. Additionally, this prevents the occurrence of rust. With the right tools and products, you can perform a good wax job right from your own garage, without needing the help of a professional detailer.

    How to Wax Your Car


    Before you start with the waxing process, it is essential to perform a steam cleaning of the car. This ensures the vehicle is thoroughly clean before you begin.

    Avoid direct sunlight when you are waxing your vehicle. This causes the product to dry quickly and leave behind streaks. Use a shaded area such as the carport or the garage while waxing your car.

    Application of Wax

    First, take a soft sponge and apply a small amount of wax on it. Liquid wax is an option as well, but make sure you shake the bottle before spraying on the car paint.

    The car needs to be waxed section-by-section, which leaves behind a streak-free finish. Use circular motions until a ‘haze’ develops on the surface.


    Once the wax hazes, it is time to buff the vehicle. A microfiber towel performs the best for this purpose. Use the same motions as you did to apply the wax, moving through the sections in small circles. Repeat the same process of waxing and buffing until the whole vehicle is complete.

    Overall, the maximum time you should wait in between waxing is 3 months. This preserves the shine of your vehicle by continuously maintaining the exterior. Additionally, be careful to avoid areas aside from the painted exterior. Leaving wax behind on plastic and other materials might create a white residue.

    Learning how to wax your car is important to maintain the appearance.  However, if you don’t have time to perform the task at home, you can also schedule an appointment with a professional auto detailing company like DetailXPerts. A presidential detail offers steam cleaning on the interior and exterior and finalizes the job by waxing your vehicle.

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