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Boat Detailing Tips: Winterizing Your Boat

  • Boat Detailing Tips: Winterizing Your Boat
    September 24, 2012

    If you want to ensure that the next year’s boating season goes through smoothly like this year, then you must consider detailing your boat which is the best way to keep your it in good shape. Although it is true that winterizing your boat is a huge task, it can be less difficult if you have a plan. Let us consider some of the important boat detailing tips for winterizing your boat.

    Winterizing Your Boat: 5 Tips

    1. One last trip: Before you put your boat away till the next boating season, take one last trip. Observe its performance.   Take notes on the parts you want to repair, replace or modify.
    2. Unpacking and Cleaning: You must definitely unpack your boat. Take out the pots, pans, icebox, and remaining food. Air out cushions and pillows. Once all the gear has been taken out of the boat, it is time to scrub it completely from front to back.
    3. Let the air in: After cleaning the boats, it is important to keep all the interior doors and windows open so that it will allow quick drying of the surfaces and will also allow fresh circulation.
    4. Engine system: Winterizing your boat is not complete until you take care of the engine system. Top off the tanks and stabilize the fuel. Changing the engine oil is a must and all the filters must be replaced as well.
    5. Anti-freeze: You must always use a non-toxic anti-freeze in air conditioning pumps, sump pumps, fish wells and in bilge pumps after cleaning.

    Winterizing your boat properly will keep it beautiful and durable for many, many years. However, if you don’t have time to winterize your boat on your own, you can seek the services of a reputable mobile auto detailer.

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