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Steam Clean Your Car: Pros and Cons

  • Steam Clean Your Car: Pros and Cons
    October 11, 2012

    Steam cleaning is becoming a popular alternative for keeping vehicles clean in an eco-friendly manner. You can steam clean your car inside and out, giving it a brand new appearance, without the use of harmful chemicals. But like anything else, this method for cleaning vehicles has pros and cons too. What are they? Read on.

    Steam Clean Your Car: The Pros

    In traditional car washing, stiff brushes are used which have been proven to cause paint swirls and scratches. Eventually, this can dull the paint and affect the appearance of your car. When you steam clean your car, you won’t need hard brushes and abrasive materials.

    Because steam lifts dirt away from the surface, there is no need for harsh chemicals which can affect your health and that of your passengers. And no chemicals in car wash water means you won’t be polluting storm drains and damaging marine life.

    Steam cleaning the car’s interior helps you get rid of hard-to-remove stains and also freshens up its look and smell. During car steam cleaning, jets of steam are used at a very high speed. This method also offers a wonderful way to preserve the value of your car and makes it look brand-new even after years of use.

    Steam Clean Your Car: The Cons

    Having your car steam cleaned by the pros is far from cheap. It’s because experts use high quality products, tools and equipment to ensure your vehicle gets the proper treatment it deserves. Of course, the higher their expenses for purchasing the materials and equipment they need translates to higher cost for their services.

    When you steam clean your car’s engine on your own, you might damage it. So if you’re not confident of your skills on this area, let the experts do it.

    Yes, steam cleaning a car has its own set of pros and cons. If you would want to get the full benefits, consider professional detailers. We know the exact way of doing it without causing any problems.

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