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When to Wax a Brand New Car

  • April 1, 2013
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    Waxing your brand new car is an essential in order to preserve the value of your vehicle. Do you remember the very first day you took your brand-new car out of the garage to drive to work? You probably felt rather proud of the fact that your car’s deep, classy shine turned more than a few heads while you were passing by.

    Every vehicle owner wants to preserve their brand new car’s impressive looks for as long as possible. But how can you do that? Should you even wax a brand new car, a few days after it rolled out of the showroom?

    The myth of the brand new vehicle

    A lot of car owners don’t schedule their brand-new vehicles for a touch-up and wax job until after all that newness has worn off. Your dealer would have prepped the car properly for its first few rides, but as you use the vehicle more often, you will soon notice small ugly things beginning to build up around the wheel wells, on top of the hood, and in the crevices at the bottom of your windshield.

    These things will certainly mar the natural beauty of your vehicle, so you might feel the urge to wash, detail, and wax it soon after you’ve bought it. And you know what? You can just go ahead and do it.

    You might ask: when should I wax a brand new car?

    The answer will depend on the appearance of your vehicle after a few weeks of use. Does it already look like in dire need of a wash and some waxing? Weather conditions and everyday wear and tear will start to work on your vehicle as soon as you begin to drive it. You’re ready to apply wax on your car, once all the dirt and grime have been washed off.

    In the olden times when car paint contained lots of solvents, a brand new car needed quite a long time to dry completely. The paint might not be fully dry yet on the inside, even as it is shipped to the dealer’s showroom or brought to the owner’s garage. The paint would appear dry on the outside, but the inner layers still harbor solvents that need to escape before it is safe to give the car a good washing.

    Today, you can actually wash and wax a brand new car as soon as you feel the need to do so.

    One of the first things to happen at the automobile assembly line is the painting of the car’s body, because the painting machine just has to spray the paint all over. There are no side mirrors or headlights to avoid or cover. The paint dries rather fast, too, because there is a marked reduction of solvents mixed in with the base coat and the clear coat paints. Chemical hardeners are thrown in to speed up the process further, and finally the car is baked in a curing oven to ensure that the paint is thoroughly dried before it leaves the factory.

    As soon as you have time to spare, it’s good to give your brand new car a good claying and waxing. Doing so will protect the factory finish and extend that impressive showroom shine.

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